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2020 Events

Gandhiji and Dr.J.C.Kumarappa’s Remembrance Day – 30.01.2020

We observed Gandhiji and Dr.J.C.Kumarappa’s  Remembrance Day on 30.01.2020. today is M.K.Gandhiji’s 72nd and Dr.J.C.Kumarappa’s 60th Remembrance Day. A

special prayer was conducted in our Gandhimandapam at 6.00 AM.



Special Message by our Ashram Member Dr.V.Ragupathi

Dr.V.Ragupathi, Governing body member delivered special message. Gandhiji’s death stopped many soual discrimination. Gandhiji started Quit India movement but he did no hate the British, he hated the rule of British.

Kumarappa was a True Christian. But his cremation was done in the Hindu process there was no difference of religion Love is God. Everybody should love each other. After the prayer we went to Kumarappa’s  Samathi and Gandhiji’s statue to pay floral tribute.

We all gather in our Auditorium at 3.00 PM. The meeting started with the prayer. Sri.M.Nagarajan HM Welcomed all. Smt.Dr.Geetha, Secretary in her, presidential address talked about the noble qualities of Gandhiji.


Welcome address by our HM
Presidential Address by our Ashram Secretary Smt.Dr.V.Geetha

Gandhiji learnt the quality of speaking truth from Harichandran drama parental love from Siravanan pithur Bakthi. Boldness from his Servent maid Rambai. Gandhiji loved thulasi Dasar’s Ramayana. He thought British as Ravana and people of India as Rama. He used Ahimsa and Sathyagraha as his weapons to save the people of our mother country. True devotion makes us free from evil thoughts and evil deeds.


Special address by Dr.Ram Ponnu

Dr.Ram Ponnu Former Principal Kamaraj Govt. College, Surandai, Thirunelveli district delivered special address. He shared ideas from “My Experiments with Truth”.

  1. Don’t tell lie    2. Teacher is the first book for students  3. Parental love and care

Gandhiji was pushed out by white people from the train in Marisberg railway station. That was a turning point in his life. He struggled not only for freedom but also for the rights of the Indians.

Dr.J.C.Kumarappa considered Gandhiji as sun. We must follow him. He was asked by Gandhiji to make a research on why India become so poor? Because of colonization. He presented this article in “youngIndia”. Mathan Mohan Malavia, the Founder of Hindu University, Varanasi (Benarus) was impressed by this and he told Kumarappa that he was equal to Gandhiji Both leaders worked hard for the development of village services.

DSC_1197Vote of thanks by our Primary HM

                We should follow the principles of these great leaders. Both of them coincided in death also, they died on the same 30th January. Smt.V.Muthumari Headmistress thanked all. The meeting came to an end with the National Anthem.

Republic Day-26.01.2020

We celebrated 71st Republic day in our Ashram on 26.01.2020 Smt.Dr.V.Geetha, Secretary, Gandhiniketan Ashram unfurled our National Flag at 8.30 A.M. after that we all went on a procession raising the slogans like “Vandemadaram”.



Flag hoisting by our Secretary



The Republic Day celebration meeting started at 10.00 A.M. in our Auditorium. Sri.M.Nagarajan HM welcomed all. Smt. Dr.V.Geetha, Secretary delivered the presidential address. In his talk she told about the democracy we have the government of the people, by the people and for the people of our country.

Many great leaders feet proud of the spirituality of our nation. Our nation is known for its equality, liberty and Fraternity. She also explained the difference between republic and Independence. Independence day is meant for the sacrifice of many freedom fighters and Republic day is celebrated for planning and measuring achievements the previous plans. On this day students must think of their future plan and work hard to attain our goal.


Special address by our Secretary
e-magazine released by our Secretary

Our Secretary released the E-Magazine and our Administrative officer Sri.S.Murugan received it.  Our Primary School HM Smt.V.Muthumari thanked all. The meeting came to an end with the National Anthem.

Vivekanandar’s 158th Birth Anniversary National Youth Day-13.01.2020

National Youth Day was celebrated in our school Auditorium on 13.01.2020 at 3.30 Pm. The meeting started with the prayer.

Smt. Dr.V.Geetha, Secretary, Gandhiniketan Ashram welcomed the gathering. Our Ashram Governing body member Smt.P.Thilagavathy delivered her presidential address. In her address she remembered Vivekenandar’s childhood. He was very much

interested in meditation from his childhood days.


Welcome address by our Ashram Secretary Dr.V.Geetha

Arjuna for Krishna;
Hanuman for Rama;
Vivekenanda for Ramakrishna.

            Boldness and spiritual mind him to a great leader. She asked the students to follow his words. “Arise, awake and do not stop until the goal is reached”.



Special address by our Ashram Member Smt.P.Thilagavathy
Special Guest address by swami Duth Prabhanantha

            Swamiji Duth Prabhanantha, sri Ramakrishna Mission, Madurai delivered the special speech. In his talk he told that vivekanandar was a “brave Sanyasi”. Vivekananda’s talk at Chicago on 11th September 1893 revealed the spirituality of our Hinduism in India.

            Vivekanandar did prayer for the nation Bharath Matha through the principles of Ramakrishnar. Our life will be fruitful if we believe in ourselves. He asked the students and teachers to read the books of Vivekananda.

            Sri.M.Nagarajan HM thanked all. The meeting came to an end with the National Anthem.

Dr.J.C.Kumarappa Day -04.01.2020

Dr.j.C.Kumarappa’s 129th birthday was celebrated in our Ashram on 04.01.2020. there was a special prayer at 6.00 AM in Gandhimandabam. Dr.V.Ragupathi Governing body member talked about Kumarappa’s arrival to our Ashram in 1955. He stayed here for five years. He spent his last days in our Ashram. In our Gandhimandapam he placed Gandhiji’s statue. Organic Farm was initiated by Dr.J.C.Kumarappa.


Special Prayer at Gandhimandabam


Prayer at Kumarappa kudil

To give education to all village students. Teachers should create new society with good qualities of students. That is the main aim of our Founder. Then we all went to Founder’s samathi to pay the Floral tribute.

Ashram Governing body member Dr.V.Ragupathi and Tmt.P.Thilagavathi  enlighted the Kuthuvilakku before the statue of our Founder. After the prayer Dr.V.Ragupathi talked about the importance of the word “Amarar”. It means a person who lives for the importance of the welfare of the other people.


Bajan and Floral tribute at Founder’s statue


Special Message by our Member Dr.V.Ragupathi

This is the 50th Remembrance year of our Founder. Our founder’s statue is established here to remember the principles of our Founder. It will give positive vibration to all. When we are tires. It will stimulate our mind and body.


Special address by our Member Smt.P.Thilagavathi

Smt.P.Thilagavathi, Governing body member told that, “This is a mile stone for our Ashram”. Our Founder was a teacher. We all teachers should follow the principles of our Founder. Then only our institution will grow like a Banyan tree. We are all gifted to serve in this institution.