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2018 Events:

 OLD STUDENTS MEET – 05.05.2018



2008-09 Batch of our school old students Meet our Campus and Donate Neem Saplings

 Planting the saplings


Foundation Day was celebrated in our Gandhiniketan Ashram on 28.04.2018. The special prayer was conducted at 6.00 AM in Gandhimandabam. In the prayer our Ashram secretary Smt.V.Radha, Dr.V.Ragupathi Governing Body Member, all the teachers of both primary and Higher Secondary schools, Central office Staffs participated. After the prayer our ashram chairman Prof.Dr.R.Venkataswami delivered foundation day message through Skype.


Morning Special Prayer at gandhimandabam

In his talk he told that today is a thinking day. Everyone must think of our duties to our Ashram. We should do our duties with truth, faith and dedication. Then only we can produce good students/citizens with moral values like patriotism, self-respect discipline in the society.

He also told that teachers are like sculptors. Every teacher must mould the students. That is the real service. Then only our institution will develop to the high level. We should work sincerely by hard work for the progress of out Ashram and villages.


Special Message by our Ashram President Prof.Dr.R.Vankataswami

Message by our Ashram Member Dr.V.Ragupathi

Dr.V.Ragupathi Governing Body Member told that this institution was started only for the purpose of spreading the principles of Gandhiji. This is such a holy place because of the visits of so many great leaders. Now our intuition is 78 years old. Everyone should think for the betterment of the institution.


Special Bajan at Santhivan

Floral offering

            After that we took part in the namasangeerthanam on Santhivanam . we paid a floral tribute to our Founder’s Samathi.

SARVODAYA DAY – 30.01.2018


         We observed Gandhiji and J.C.Kumarappa’s remembrance day on 30.01.2018 today  is M.K.Gandhiji’s 70th and J.C.Kumarappa’s 58th Remembrance day. A special prayer was conducted in our Gandhi Mandapam at 6.00 A.M today. In that prayer  Smt.V.Radha  Secretary, all the teachers of both Higher secondary and Primary schools, staff – central office took part. Sri.N.Ramani Sekar and his group sang communal songs.

Morning Special Prayer at Gandhimandabam

Floral offering by Dr.J.C.Kumarappa Samathi

 Ashram Chairman Prof.Dr.R.Venkataswami Ayya gave special message through skype. He told that Gandhiji was an ordinary boy. Gandhiji followed mother Puthilibai’s advices. It made Gandhiji as Mahatma. Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther king followed Gandhian principles and they became great leaders.

            Another most important quality of Gandhiji is punctuality. He was known for his truthfulness, simplicity and boldness etc. Our Chairman told about the following thoughts,

  •             Politics without Principles
  •             Education without Character
  •             Science with out Humanity

            Gandhiji always told that he followed the principles that is said in Bhagavath Geetha and Mahabharatha. J.C.Kumarappa also died on that particular date. He was the true disciple of Gandhiji. When he heard the news of Gandhiji’s death he became blind in shock. Then he recovered after a long time. J.C.Kumarappa was invited by our founder G.Venkachalapathy to our Ashram. He registered our Ashram as society.

            We are in a holy place. We should not forget these leaders and also their principles. That is the real tribute to them. We should go along with their path and develop our institution. After the prayer we went to Kumarappa’s Samathi for floral tribute.

We all gathered in our auditorium at 4.00 P.M Sri V.Ragupathi, Governing body member presided over the meeting and welcomed all. In his presidential address he talked about the noble qualities of Gandhiji and J.C.Kumarappa.

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Guests on the Daise

Welcome and Presidential address by Dr.V.Ragupathi

Prof. Dr. Chelladurai, Vice Chancellor, Madurai Kamaraj University, Chief guest delivered the special address. He told that we should lead life for the well being of others. We must follow the great leaders, M.K.Gandhiji and J.C.Kumarappa He appreciated the cleanliness of our surroundings. He stressed the importance of “ Switch Bharath”. Students must gain textual knowledge as well as General knowledge. Teachers should teach their subjects correlating with all information. Then only the students can achieve in the competitive Examinations.

Chief Guest Address by Prof.Dr.Chelladurai, Vice Chancellor, Madurai Kamaraj University

Vote of Thanks by our HM

He asked the students to draw the picture in their mind what they want to be. He remembered the thoughts of Vincent Churchill.

“Empires of future will be the empires of mind power”. He blessed all.

Sri.V.Veeraraj, Head master, Gandhi Niketan G.Venkatachalapathy Higher secondary school, delivered vote of thanks. The meeting came to an end with the National Anthem.

Republic Day Celebration – 26.01.2018

We celebrated sixty ninth Republic Day in our Gandhi Niketan Ashram on 26.1.2018 Smt. V.Radha Akka Secretary, Gandhi Niketan Ashram hoisted our National Flag and talked about the patriotic leaders.

After that we went on a procession raising the slogans like “Vande Madaram”.


National Flag Hoisted by our Ashram Secretary

The meeting started at 10.00A.M in our Auditorium. Ashram Secretary Smt.V.Radha Akka welcomed the gathering and talked about the importance of the republic.

Sri.V.Ragupathi Ayya Governing body member Gandhi Niketan Ashram presided over the meeting. He told about the democracy. Our Ashram is a holy place because of Gandhiji’s blessing.



Guests on the Dais

Welcome and Presidential Address by Ashram Member Dr.V.Ragupathy

Old student of this school, Dr.Srinivasan, Asst. Professor, Sastha university Tanjore, delivered the special address. He shared his golden memories of his school days. He learnt that attitude of ‘Sarvodaya’ from this institution as a student.  He is proud of his doctorate in “Gandhian Thought”.

Mother’s love is very precious for every child. Everyman should have patriotism in his mind. It will give all the good habits. That will make a man a good citizen.



Special Guest Address by Dr.Srinivasan Former Lecturer, Sastha University

Vote of thanks by our HM

Sri.V.Veeraraj, Head master, Gandhi Niketan G.Venkatachalapathy Higher Secondary School thanked all. The meeting came to an end with the National Anthem.


Students and teachers   assembled at  the school  Auditorium  to celebrate the birth anniversary of a legendary freedom fighter  Subash Chandra  Bose on 23rd January. This auspicious day  began with prayer. Mr.V.Veeraraj ,headmaster  presided over the function by his enlightening  speech. It was then continued with the  speech delivered by  Mr.M.Muthukumar, a computer teacher, “While  delivering his speech, he highlighted the contribution of Nethaji  in freedom struggle  of India.  He also talked about the life history of Subash Chandra Bose  better  known as Nethaji  all over the world.

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Presidential address by our HM

Special address by our Computer Instructor M.Muthukumar

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Vote of Thanks by our Primary school HM

He urged the students to follow his footsteps  and  also requested them to take an oath to become leaders like him,” he added. The programme ended with vote of thanks by Mrs.Parimala, headmistress, Gandhi  Nikethan  G. Venkatachalapathy primary school.

MATTU PONGAL – 15.01.2018

We celebrated Mattu Pongal in our Ashram Dairy farm. Before celebrate our dairy farm building wall renovated, white washed and decorated for the festival. All the Cattle were washed well and decorated with flowers, sandal and kumkum. Pongal was prepared in the dairy farm after prayer pongal and sugarcane were distributed to the teachers students and cattle. Our school HM and staff members participated in this festival.

National Youth Day – 09.01.2018

National youth day(12.01.2018) was celebrated in our school auditorium on 09.01.2018 at 3.00 PM. All the teachers and students took part in it. The function started with the prayer Smt.V.Radha, Secretary welcomed the gathering and talked about the energetic thoughts of Vivekananda. Vivekanandar is a great role model. It is true for ever. She emphasized the students to follow the preachings of Vivekanandar as such, Obedience, truth, hardwork, love, self confidence and humanity.


Welcome address by our Secretary Mrs.V.Radha

Our Ashram Administrative Officer honoured the chief guest Swamiji Narayanantha Maharaj, Secretary, Sri Ramakrishna Mission, Madurai.The Chief guest was the old student of our school. He stressed the importance of youth day and Vivekanandar’s faith in youngsters. We should practice to live based on God. Then only we will enjoy the real beauty of life.

He told that religion makes human being virtual. He explained Vivekanandar’s golden words “Awake, Arise’, Until you reach the goal” Meditation helps the students increase their concentration power.

Obedience covers Truth, Honesty, Respect, Selfless Service and Politeness. He explained the Tamil Word “Thahuthi-Qualification”. Tha – Stands for Thannambikkai( Self Confidence), Ku – stands for Kurikol(aim), Thi– stands for – Thittamidal (Planning).

Chief Guest Address by Swamiji Narayanantha Maharaj, Secretary, Sri Ramakrishna Mission, Madurai

Vote of Thanks by our HM


He asked everyone to achieve their goal by working hard with their physical strength, mental strength and spiritual strength. Sri V.Veeraraj Headmaster gave Vote of thanks. The meeting came to an end with the National Anthem. Vivekanandar Valagam which is named after Vivekanandar in our Ashram by our Chairman Prof.Dr.R.Venkataswami ayya is a great monument to awake and arise our students.

dr.J.C.Kumarappa day – 04.01.2018

Dr.j.C.Kumarappa’s 126th Birth Anniversary was celebrated in our Ashram on 04.01.2018 there was a special prayer at 6.00 AM. In Gandhimandabam. Sri.V.Ragupathi Governing Body Member Gandhiniketan Ashram, all the teachers, hostel students and staff-central office took part in that prayer.

Prayer at Gandhimandabam


Prof.R.Venkataswami ayya president Gandhiniketan Ashram gave special message through skype. In his talk he told about Kumarappa’s life style. In our Gandhimandapam Kumarappa placed Gandhiji’s statue planning for roads and other places in our Ashram was designed by J.C.Kumarappa and our Founder G.Venkatachalapathy. In order to improve our country villages should be developed. Gandhiji’s true disciple was Kumarappa. We must read Kumarappa’s book.

DSC_1119aPresidential Address by our Chairman Prof.R.Venkataswami through Skype
DSC_1121 Special Message by Dr.V.Ragupathi, Governing Body Member
DSC_11301 Sspecial Prayer at Kumarappa Kudil
DSC_11681 Floral Offering


After that Bhajan was conducted in Kumarappa Kudil. Then all paid floral tribute to Dr.J.C.Kumarappa in his Samathi.


Guests of the Dais
Welcome address by our Secretary

The meeting was conducted in our Auditorium at 9.30 AM. In the meeting all the students, teachers of Hr.Secondary and Primary school, School office staff and Central office staff participated. Dr.V.Ragupathy ayya Governing body member honoured the chief guest Sri.M.P.Gurusamy, secretary, Gandhi Museum.

Our Secretary Smt.V.Radha welcomed the gathering and delivered the presidential address in her talk she talked about the relationship between Kumarappa and our Ashram. She also told about Kumarappa’s Economics. She discussed the following principles of J.C.Kumarappa.Give importance to Villages and Agriculture, Protect natural resources, Removal of poverty.


special address by Dr.V.Ragupathi Governing Body Member
Chief Guest address by Sri.M.P.Gurusamy, Secretary, Gandhimuseum

Dr.V.Ragupathy, Governing body member talked about the arrival of Dr.J.C.Kumarappa to our Ashram. He registered our institution. He learnt to lead a simple life from Gandhiji and Jesus. We should spread the principles of Kumarappa through our institution.

Sri.M.P.Gurusamy Secretary Gandhi museum in his presidential address mentioned about the qualities of J.C.Kumarappa that should be followed by students. Punctuality, Self confidence, Hard work, Dignity of Labor, Worship of God, Love they neighbor.

He described all the above qualities through J.C.Kumarappa’s life history. J.C.Kumarappa’s father was Duraisamy and his mother was Esther. He inherited and practiced these noble qualities from his parents.


Vote of Thanks by our HM

Our HM Sri.V.Veeraraj thanked all. The meeting came to an end with the National Anthem.


Thiruvathirai was celebrated at Vinayagar temple in our Ashram. It is our traditional occasion to receive the blessings of “Lord Shiva” after our Margali Bajan our School Headmaster Sri.V.Veeraraj, our Ashram Administrative officer Sri.M.Nagarajan our staff members and Hostel students assembled at 7.30am.

DSC_10821The idols of Lord Natarajar and Sivakami ammal were ready for special pooja. Abisegams were performed. Our Ashram president Prof.R.Venkataswami ayya watched Thiruvathirai function through skype. The different types of dheebarathana were performed by Poojari along with our school teacher Sri.N.Ramanisekar. Finally prasadam was distributed to all.