Events : 2024

Dr.J.C.Kumarappa 132nd Birthday-04.01.2024

        Kumarappa’s 132nd birth anniversary was celebrated in our Ashram on 4.1.2024. There was a special prayer at 6.00 AM in Gandhi Mandapam. Prof. Dr. R. Venkataswami Ayya President of Gandhi Niketan  Ashram gave a special message through Skype. In his talk, he talked about  Kumarappa’s lifestyle. In our Gandhi Mandapam, Kumarappa placed Gandhiji’s statue.  Planning for roads and other places in our Ashram was designed by J.C. Kumarappa and our founder G. Venkatachalapathy Ayya. J.C. Kumarappa strongly supported Gandhi’s notion of village industries and promoted village industry associations. He rejected the emphasis on material development competition and efficiency in free market economics. He registered our institution. He learned to lead a simple life from Gandhiji.  Our founder developed this institution along with J.C. Kumarappa, Vaithiyanatha Iyer, and N.M.R Subburaman. When J.C. Kumarappa stayed in our Ashram the first President of India Dr.Rajendra Prasad, Vinobaji, and Jayaprakash Narayanan visited our ashram. J.C. Kumarappa was the founder of modern environmentalism in India. J.C. Kumarappa was a very bold person and a strict disciplinarian. J.C. Kumarappa told Nehruji to move the railway track away from the Rajiv Gandhi Hospital. Nehruji accepted and did it. J.C. Kumarappa pointed out the mistakes of whoever made it. In our Ashram we have kumarappa kudil. It is a sacred place. He was committed to self-reliance and the Gandhian way of life. our Ashram president Dr.Vekataswami Ayya and his wife Dr. Sivarami Amma had a chance to serve J.C. Kumarappa when he was admitted in Rajiv Gandhi Hospital, Chennai. Dr. V. Ragupathi Ayya, governing body member of GNA talked about J.C. Kumarappa’s principles. J.C. Kumarappa was a bright student at school. In  1913 he went to London and qualified himself as a  charted accountant. In 1929 he went to Columbia University to study public finance. He was in touch with Ashram since 1944. He stayed here from 1954 to  1960. This year we have a plan to renovate Kumarappa kudil. After that, We paid a floral tribute to Kumarapa Samathi.

        We all gathered at 9:30 AM in the auditorium for  Namasangeerthanam.  The meeting started at 10. AM with the prayer. Smt. Dr. V. Geetha, secretary of GNGV schools welcomed all. Dr.V.Ragupathi,  governing body member of Gandhi Niketan Ashram presided over the meeting. in his presidential address, he said that J.C. Kumarappa  spent his retired life in our ashram. He stayed with  Gandhiji in Seva Gram and Sabarmathi Ashram. In our Ashram, we have Kumarappa Kudil. It was a hut that he had built himself.  He put a farmer’s photo in his hut. He explained, “My master is Gandhi ji and every farmer in the land is Gandhi’s master.” so kumarapa considered the farmer as his master’s master. His theory  “Economy of permanence” is mainly focused on ecological issues. He draws a clear distinction between renewable and non-renewable natural resources. Sri.G.Maran, Thai vazhi iyarkai unavaham, organic food manufacturer -Sivakasi, delivered the special address. He said that his guru is Nammalvar. Nammalwar’s guru is J.C. Kumarappa. He described the healthy food habits that we have to Follow in our lives.

👉🏼 Avoid coffee, tea boost, and Horlicks etc..

👉🏼 drink coconut milk and eat sprouted grains

👉🏼 avoid watching cellphone

👉🏼 put coconut oil on hair daily 👉🏼drink 15 glasses of water per day

👉🏼drink Hibiscus juice, avarai juice, Amla juice, ladies finger juice.

 👉🏼avoid using plastics

 👉🏼eat sprouted ground nut

👉🏼do pranayama  daily .

He gave some sprouts, fruit salad, and ragi Laddu to the students. J.C.Kumarappa’s economy of permanence paves the way for world peace, harmony, and healthy competition. he asked all to take a resolution to have only healthy food habits from this day onwards.Sri.M. Nagarajan HM thanked all. The meeting came to an end with the National Anthem.