March 2008


A team of eighteen members from rural leadership school, Wisconsin University, Department of extension and community development visited Gandhi Niketan Ashram on 5-Mar-2008. The team was headed by Professor Jerry Hambd, Head of the department of rural leadership school.

Rural leadership school of Wisconsin University organizes rural leadership programmes to encourage voluntary work and professional skills for emerging leaders in community. This programme includes Seminars, Workshops and International tours.


The team spent a day in Gandhi Niketan Ashram. It was given a presentation on the activities of the ashram by Dr. V. Ragupathy, Secretary of the Ashram. A guided tour was arranged to various units of the ashram and the team had discussion with workers. The team could understand the significance of Gandhian approach to development and rural reconstruction.

The gandhian economy a model for sustainable development was appreciated by Prof. Jerry Hambd. The team had a teleconference with Professor R. Venkataswami, President of the Ashram. Prof. Jerry Hambd agreed to explore the possibilities of continuos link between the rural leadership programme of Wisconsin University and Gandhi Niketan Ashram.



English Literary Club conducted its third meeting on 05.02.2008 at 2.15 P.m in the school auditorium. The meeting started with a silent prayer. The Headmistress Mrs. R. Rajeswari presided over the function. Club secretary P. Thilagavathi welcomed the gathering. In her welcome address, she stressed the importance of English in to-day’s world. Only if we are good in English, we can aim for better jobs. In the modern world, English has become the international link language and so students should utilize this opportunity to improve their spoken English skill.

Mrs. S. Abirami gave a talk on Shakespeare , the greatest dramatist of all time. She classified his dramas and explained how he excelled not only as a dramatist but also a poet. VI Std students and IX Std students recited poems. Mr. Manikandan of IX std spoke on the role of computers and global warming.

Then a quiz programme was conducted in which IX and XI std Students participated dividing themselves into four teams. They were able to answer sixteen out of twenty questions. Two questions were answered by the audience from IX and XI std. Two were answered only by the quiz master. Teams A and C shared the first prize as they scored the same points.

A drama “What is right “ was enacted by the students. It was appreciated and enjoyed by all the students and the teachers. Mrs. A. Lakshmi proposed the vote of thanks.