A farewell meeting was conducted for both Sri.G.Muthuramalingam, Headmaster and Sri.K.Nagarajan, Assistant Headmaster who retired from service on 31.5.2016.
The meeting started with prayer at 3.30 p.m. on 1.6.2016. Smt.V.Radha Akka, Secretary, Dr.V.Ragupathi, Governing Body Member, all the Teachers of both higher and primary school, Central Office Staff and students participated in the meeting.

Our President Prof.Dr.R.Venkataswami Ayya talked through skype. In his talk he appreciated the duties of headmaster Sri.G.Muthuramalingam as well as Sri.K.Nagarajan. He blessed both the teachers for healthy and long life. He also welcomed our new Headmaster Sri.V.Veeraraj. He asked all the students and teachers to give kind co-operation to him. Then only our Institution will grow more.

Smt.V.Radha Akka, Secretary talked about the services of retired Headmaster and Assistant Headmaster. She honored them with ponnadais and offered mementoes.

Sri.V.Ragupathi Ayya also delivered a talk about Sri.G.Muthuramalingam and Sri.K.Nagarajan. He appreciated their services to our Ashram.

Sri.N.Ramanisekar,B.T. Asst., read “Kavithai” about Sri.G.Muthuramalingam Ayya. Sri.R.Raja Athiaman, P.G. Assistant, Botany gave a talk about Sri.K.Nagarajan. He shared his memories with him.

After that Smt.R.Vaigai, P.G. Asst. Tamil felicitated our New Headmaster Sri.V.Veeraraj. She told about Veeraraj Ayya’s hard work and tolerance . On behalf of all the teachers Smt.R.Vaigai assured Co-operation to the newly promoted Headmaster.

Then Sri.G.Muthuramalingam remembered his school days as on old student of this school. He also thanked all for their Co-operation during his tenure as headmaster of this school.

Sri.K.Nagarajan, Assistant Headmaster talked about the golden memories in our Ashram. Sri.V.Veeraraj, our new Head Master requested all of us to give hand with him for more development of our Institution.Sri.M.Nagarajan, Administrative Officer, andhiniketan Ashram thanked all. The meeting came to an end with the National Anthem.

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