Agriculture is an integral part of ashram activity. Ever since our founder established the ashram the builders of the institution gradually acquired nearby lands for furthering the activities either through donation or direct purchase in small areas. Thanks to their efforts and today we have nearly 25 acres of land distributed in four different areas namely,

1. Puduvayal with an area of 5 acres. It is located adjacent to Kallupatti tank and intended for paddy, cotton or pulses cultivation. We have a well and a bore well.

Planting Paddy

paddy harvesting

Paddy ready for Harvesting

2. Square wellwell area about 7to 8 acres opposite the ashram. It has a open well and a bore well. The land is fit for production of pulses, vegetables and fodder.

student pluck tomatoes

Students Plucking Tomatos

flower garden

Flower Garden


Bringal Field


Banana Garden


DSC_0248Vegetable garden

Under the recommendation and guidance of Thiru.Nagalingam, a famous agriculturist in sayalgudi, pandal cultivation was started in the square area in 2016. At a cost of about Rupees 2 Lakhs, stone pillar pandal with drip system of irrigation Ridge gourd, snake gourd, bottle gourd, pumpkin and bitter gourd were cultivated and used as workshop for agricultural students. We gained Rupees 3 lakhs per year. This year an action oriented presentation class was conducted for teachers.

            Our vegetables at the entrance of the Ashram are sold at whole sale and retail outlets and sent to virudhunagar and T.Kallupatti. It is a matter of pride to have the good will and good market value of the surrounding people. We have earned up to eleven lakhs by selling vegetables.

            The scarcity of guinea grass and maize fodder was met by cultivating super Napier Grass under the guidance of agriculturist Thiru.Pazhani Anandhan. This Napier grass is an active graft of rye and elephant grass. In an area of one acre , this crop grows to a height of about  7 feet. This variety is to be used to grow back after harvest for more than 10 years, continuously

3.Palathotam with an area of nearly 8 acres. It has a well with low yield of water. It is fit for toddler like cholam depending on rains.

Ploughed Land ready for showing

Ploughed Land ready for Showing

fodder for cattle

Fodder for the Cattle

4. Land around our leather section with an area of nearly 5 acres. It is a dry land with a low yielding open well. We have planted around 350 value added trees as a long term project.

350 new tree planted

350 New Trees Planted at the leather area

We have laid pipe lines for irrigation in puduvayal and land opposite to ashram. Though all the lands are used for varying agriculture activities the income is still not satisfactory. We plan to make it more profitable and at the same we want to produce vegetables and fruits for the hostel and the staff of the institution with marginal profits.
But these lands are very useful for our agri practices students in our higher secondary school who work in these lands as part of their agri practicals.

5.Lemon Garden


abudant lemon

Our Lemon Garden with abundant Lemon

This needs a special mention. An area of waste land in our campus about one acre was converted into a cultivable land. In the year 2007 we decided to create an organic lemon garden with the help of Mr. Antanisamy a well know organic farmer from Thirunelveli district. We deputed Mr. S. Raghavan our science teacher to learn organic farming. He with the guidance and generous help of Mr.Antanisamy we planted over 100 lemon saplings. This was watered with drip irrigation in the same year. Over the years this has become an ideal organic lemon garden and the yield is good though it has taken a few years. It is fully maintained by our students under the guidance of the teacher.

6. Nursery Garden

Our Nursery


Garden in Gandhimandabam

garden in front

Garden in front of Library