SMART CLASS at ourGandhiniketan G . Venkatachalapathy Primary School

Nowadays new methods of teaching have been introduced at worldwide. Emerging technologies also often appear in various ways to offer the opportunity to gain knowledge and closer to real life. Among those, virtual or smart class is important one. It uses instructional material, 3D animated modules and videos for concept teaching. But our smart class is totally different from its method and strategies. We have proposed to use modern technology and our traditional educational practices in the class.


An entire depiction of smart class

Research shows that our indigenous knowledge system is functional. It was imparting knowledge and skills to improve our standards. With the coming of western education however our system was seen inadequate to contribute the modern world’s demands.
Smart class provides the children, a completely different environment which makes them efficient not only by means of subject knowledge [Academic] but also practical knowledge according to the changing context.


A picture showing children involved in different activities

Smart class has a separate class room. It consists of 11 activity domains which enhances the children’s knowledge. Activities are planned in a way that the children can do either individual or in a group. The teacher guides the children if needed. Modern technology, our traditional educational practices and techniques are used in the class to enhance the children’s education.


Such a different kind of class room environment improves the following skills in children


A group of children engaged in language games

Children enjoying music and watching videos


  • It helps the children to develop life skills on their own
  • It enhances self – learning
  • It makes learning very interesting
  • It provides chance for the children to develop their individual talents
  • It increases the understanding capacity and makes the children smart in finding answers for question
  • It develops new skills naturally not in force
  • Soft skills emerges automatically
  • It stimulates children’s thinking
  • It motivates children to find out new things
  • It develops children to use modern technology
  • It introduces indigenous techniques, strategies and knowledge
  • It creates leadership
  • Children can control themselves
  • It makes children to manage on their own.
  • It improve children’s language and communicative skills
  • It enhances the skill of imagination and creativity
  • Every child can enjoy their childhood.
  • It imparts the skill of reasoning and logic
  • It creates team’s spirit
  • It meets the challenges of teachers as well as students
  • It gives practical experience
  • Enjoyable learning will be held.

Pedagogy and benefits
Students participate and learn by doing only not rote copying and memorization. Students are fully engaged with activities. Teachers can get instant and accurate assessment of learning outcome. It has an overall positive impact on students more in terms of generating curiosity and grasping complex concepts. Students get maximum sensory experience. This makes learning an enjoyable experience for students while improving their overall academic performances in school. Critical thinking and active learning is ensured. Children are more flexible. The teacher team follows new techniques and strategies for increasing the students in learning something new. Activities are designed fully child centered or focused. Learning is happened with more fun and interesting.

Method of functioning
In the beginning of the class itself the students will be divided into 11 groups. After the class has started, each group will occupy on table and after 20 minutes every group will switch over tables and continue to do the activities.


Children indulged in their creative work
Children doing amazing science experiments

The student will spend the entire day in the smart class to complete the activities presented in all the 11 tables. When students enter the smart class they experience a different environment from their daily classes.
Teachers prepare activities and display in each section monthly once for the students of 4th and 5th standard who will go to the smart class twice in a month.

Sections and details
The class room is a unique delivery model for students. Sections established for different learning purpose and objectives. Those are as follows

  1. Traditional games
  2. Fun mathematics
  3. Magical science
  4. Indoor games
  5. Discussion corner
  6. Digital world
  7. Video library
  8. Musical corner
  9. Language games
  10. Play with toys
  11. Art and craft.

Computer aided learning

Children encouraged to discuss on selected themes