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Diamond Jubilee Celebrations of the Gandhi Niketan Ashram and 107th Birthday Celebrations of the Founder Amarar G.Venkatachalapathy
(Diamond Jubilee Year Celebrations)

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Our Honorable Students



A farewell meeting was conducted for both Sri.G.Muthuramalingam, Headmaster and Sri.K.Nagarajan, Assistant Headmaster who retired from service on 31.5.2016.

The meeting started with prayer at 3.30 p.m. on 1.6.2016. Smt.V.Radha Akka, Secretary, Dr.V.Ragupathi, Governing Body Member, all the Teachers of both higher and primary school, Central Office Staff and students participated in the meeting.

Our President Prof.Dr.R.Venkataswami Ayya talked through skype. In his talk he appreciated the duties of headmaster Sri.G.Muthuramalingam as well as Sri.K.Nagarajan. He blessed both the teachers for healthy and long life. He also welcomed our new Headmaster Sri.V.Veeraraj. He asked all the students and teachers to give kind co-operation to him. Then only our Institution will grow more.

Smt.V.Radha Akka, Secretary talked about the services of retired Headmaster and Assistant Headmaster. She honored them with ponnadais and offered mementoes.

Sri.V.Ragupathi Ayya also delivered a talk about Sri.G.Muthuramalingam and Sri.K.Nagarajan. He appreciated their services to our Ashram.

Sri.N.Ramanisekar,B.T. Asst., read “Kavithai” about Sri.G.Muthuramalingam Ayya. Sri.R.Raja Athiaman, P.G. Assistant, Botany gave a talk about Sri.K.Nagarajan. He shared his memories with him.

After that Smt.R.Vaigai, P.G. Asst. Tamil felicitated our New Headmaster Sri.V.Veeraraj. She told about Veeraraj Ayya’s hard work and tolerance . On behalf of all the teachers Smt.R.Vaigai assured Co-operation to the newly promoted Headmaster.

Then Sri.G.Muthuramalingam remembered his school days as on old student of this school. He also thanked all for their Co-operation during his tenure as headmaster of this school.

Sri.K.Nagarajan, Assistant Headmaster talked about the golden memories in our Ashram. Sri.V.Veeraraj, our new Head Master requested all of us to give hand with him for more development of our Institution.Sri.M.Nagarajan, Administrative Officer, andhiniketan Ashram thanked all. The meeting came to an end with the National Anthem.


Welcome Address by our Secretary Ms.V.Radha


Felicitation Address by our Governing body Member Dr.V.Ragupathi


Felicitation by our Teacher Mr.N.Ramanisekar


Felicitation by our Teacher Mr.R.Raja Athiyaman


Felicitation by our Teacer Ms.R.Vaigai


Our New HM Mr.V.Veeraraj


Retired HM Mr.G.Murhuramalingam


Retired AHM Mr.K.Nagarajan


Vote of Thanks by our Ashram AO Mr.M.Nagarajan

Founder’s Remembrance Day-13.06.2016

Founder Sri.G.Venkatachalapathi’s 47th Remembrance Day was observed in our Gandhiniketan Ashram on 13.6.2016. A special prayer was conducted at 6.00 A.M. in our Manimandapam. After the prayer Dr.V.Ragupathi, Governing Body Member delivered Remembrance Day message. In his talk he told that today is our founder’s 47th Remembrance Day. In 1942 our founder was arrested for Quit India Movement by the British. Kamarajar, Rajaji, Rajendra Prasad, Jayaprakash Narayanan all those great leaders visited this Institution. So this place is a sacred place. Our founder went to prison at the age of twenty one. This Institution was started only for the development of village industries. In 1945 to 1948 Dr.J.C.Kumarappa was the advisor of the village development service. We should follow the services of our founder. That is the real tribute to him.


At 9.00 A.M. “Namasangeerthanam” was organized by our Ashram group. After that Smt.P.Thilagavathi, Governing Body Member delivered Remembrance Day message at “Shanthivanam”. In her talk she told that our founder was the Secretary to the Rural Development Scheme. That was the very highest post. Through the post he did many best activities to the society.


In 1940 he started the Institution only to give practice to the freedom fighters. He was the true follower of Gandhiji. He wanted people also to follow the principles of Gandhiji. Education does not mean only books. It must taught moral values and Basic Education Our Institution is a Banyan Tree. The supporting roots are students. One day these supporting roots will be changed into main root.

So, we have to fulfill our founder’s dream. We should work whole heartedly with dedication. She asked all to pray for a minute to adopt our founders noble qualities as simplicity, village service and obedience. Then we all paid a floral tribute to our founder at its samathi. In the meantime “Relay Spinning” was going on.


The Remembrance day meeting was started at 10.00 A.M. in our Auditorium. In the meeting our Ashram Secretary Smt.V.Radha, Governing Body Member, Dr.V.Ragupathi and Smt.P.Thilagavathi, our Chief Guest Dr.A.Srinivasan, well wishers of our Ashram Sri.K.M.Natarajan, Thiru.M.P.Gurusamy, Former Dean of Madurai Medical College, retired teachers. Our Administrative Officer Sri.M.Nagarajan, all the teachers and staff of Gandhiniketan Ashram and all the students participated.

Smt.V.Radha, Secretary welcomed the gathering. The Chief Guest Dr.A.Srinivasan and our new Governing Body Member Smt.P.Thilagavathi were honoured by our Secretary Smt.V.Radha Akka and Dr.V.Ragupathi Ayya with Khadi Ponnadai.


Our Ashram President Prof.Dr.R.Venkataswami Ayya delivered Remembrance Day introduction. In his talk he told today is also the most important day in the history of our Ashram. Our founder had not completed sixty years. Before that he had achieved many good deeds. He had many noble qualities. We have to follow them.That is the best way to remember him.

Dr.V.Ragupathi , Governing Body Member delivered presidential address. In his address he remembered our founder’s wife Smt.V.Meenakshi Ammal. She is now hundred years old. She encouraged our founder in all his Social Activities. Our founder was the only person who served 17 years as a President of Rural Development. During his tenure all the Villages developed in many fields.

The special address was given by Dr.A.Srinivasan, Ex.H.O.D., Tamil Grammer Dept., Madurai Kamaraj University , Madurai. In his address he talked about the freedom fighters Like Bharathiar, V.O. Chithambaranar, Subramania Siva, Kamarajar, Kumarasamy Raja and Bakthavatchalam. Our Founder was impressed by the above leaders.

On 13.4.1930 at the age of twenty one our Founder inaugurated village Volunteer Committee”, only for the development of the villages. If we develop village then only our country will automatically develop.

On 28.4.1940 Dr.T.S.S.Rajan laid foundation to our institution. On Seventeenth January Thiru.O.P.Ramasamy Reddiar, Former First Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu inaugurated our Pre-Basic School. Sri.Sarthar Vedarathinam Pillai was the person who started our Ashram.

Bharathiar and Thiruvalluvar were two hands of our founder Sri.G.Venkatachalapathy. He also insisted our teachers to give education with Self confidence. He stressed that Education must inculcate discipline, Self Confidence, Culture and humanistic touch. That kind of service is the best education. He criticized the politicians for making education as business. Our Institution is an exeption. We should be proud of it.

Sri.V.Veeraraj, Headmaster, Gandhiniketan G.Venkatachalapathi Higher Secondary School, delivered vote of Thanks. The meeting came to an end with the National Anthem.

Motivational Programme-18.06.2016

The motivation enrichment programmme was started with prayer at 9.00am in our Gandhi mandapam. In the training all the teachers of both primary and higher secondary schools participated.

Our President Prof R.Venkataswami ayya stressed the importance of this motivation programme through skype. In his talk he told that we should accept this training with open mind. We should implement all in our duties.

Sri.V.Veeraraj, Headmaster Gandhiniketan G.Venkatachalapathy Higher Secondary School welcomed all. Sri.M.Nagarajan Administrative officer honoured the chief guest Sri.Viswa trainer and quality co-ordinator, Enteccon.

Thiru.Viswa started the training programme under the topic “Guru ship” He told that teachers should play a democratic role in the class room. Because children will do what we do. Children will not do what we say. We must develop their concentration power.

Then he divided our teachers into six groups. He asked the group members to select their leaders and he named the groups. He did not reveal the names openly. He told the names secretly to the leaders. Then the leader acted according to their name. The group members found out their groups name the teachers participated very actively.

He also asked the teachers to bring objects according to the order of alphabets. The teachers participated in it with team spirit.

After that he explained the difference between the words Job, Work, Profession and Service job means what we do for money. Work means we have to do our duties with willingly or unwillingly;

Profession means governing the regulatory bodies; and Service means doing our work with dedication.

He recollected the good qualities of the teachers form this last years training given by him for us, that is,

  • Work ship
  • Self confidence
  • Faith in teaching
  • Faith in students
  • Faith in learning

He also expressed the importance of clapping hands. If we clap hands. it will help us to increase our blood circulation heart beat and nervous stimulation.

After lunch break he described about the ten great qualities of teachers. That is,

  • Subject matter expert
  • Passion for children and teaching
  • Dedicated ceaseless crusader
  • Interactive and approachable
  • Caring and approachable
  • Impartial
  • Enthusiastic and energetic
  • Bouquets in public and Brickbats in private
  • Inquisitive
  • Innovative

After the tea break Sri.Viswas asked the teachers to inculcate the student to come to school with smile and goes out with sadness.

Then he explained about constraint theory. He raised the question what are the constraints to crate the above atmosphere in the school, to the students. We all discussed the points in groups and readout.

He finally came to the conclusion that our system is result oriented. It does not give any importance to the individual skills. We should create awareness among parent’s society and media.

After that we submitted the feed back to him. Smt.Parimala, Headmistress, Gandhiniken G.Venkatachalapathy Primary School thanked one and all.

The training was very useful to the teachers and the programme was very interesting also. All the teachers participated with enthusiasm to enrich their mind.

Yoga Day-21.06.2016

We celebrated Yoga Day in our Ashram on 21.06.2016. All the teachers of both Primary and Higher Secondary Schools, Staff-Central Office participated in the programme. Higher Secondary School boys and girls assembled in their respective areas in the ground.

The Programme started with the prayer. Sri.V.Veeraraj, Headmaster, Gandhiniketan G.Venkatachalapathi Higher Secondary School talked about the importance of Yoga. If we do Yoga daily it will increase our concentration memory power, Blood circulation, our Life time and decrease weight.


He asked the students to take Path that we should practice Yoga daily for the development of body, mind and counting also. So, that, we will be good citizens.

After that students started doing the following Aasanas.

  • padmasana,Patchi Muthasana;,Vajrasana,Yoga Muthrasana,Pujangasana,
  • Thanurasana,Utkatasana,Patha husthasana,Aega Pathasana,Thrigona Aasana
  • artha Chakra Aasana and Surya Namaskar

The commands for Aasanas were given by Thiru.Lakshmana Kumar, Physical Director and Tmt.Tamil Elakkia, Physical Education Teacher.

Our President Prof.Dr.R.Venkataswami Ayya observed all the activities through skype.

The Yoga Day came to an end with the National Anthem.

25.6.2016 EXCURSION

We planned for an excursion to Kanniakumari and Tiruchendur. All the teachers from Gandhiniketan G.Venkatachalapathy Primary and Higher Secondary School and other Staff of Gandhiniketan Ashram assembled in Gandhimandapam at 10.00 P.M. on 24th June 2016.



The tour bus started at 10.30 P.M. from Gandhiniketan Ashram with prayer. We reached Thiruparappu falls in the early morning on 25.6.2016 Saturday. We took bath in the falls. Then we worshiped Maha Devar (Lord Shiva) near the falls.

Then we went to Mathur. There was a big Hanging bridge. There we had our breakfast. After that we went to Saibaba Temple near Susindiram. At 2.00 P.M. we reached Kanyakumari.


We went by boat to Vivekanandar Rock and the biggest Thiruvalluvar Statue in the Sea. We finished our Lunch there and went to Thiruchendur at 8.00 P.M. We worshiped Lord Muruga and took our dinner. We came to T.Kallupatti at 3.00 A.M. safely. We enjoyed the trip.



Primary School


Hr.Sec.School :


Presidential Address by our HM


Special Address by Mr.G.Thangamudi


Prize Distribution

21ST JULY 2016 TO 30TH JULY 2016

In connection with 107th Birthday Celebrations of our Founder of Gandhiniketan Ashram, Amarar G.Venkatachalapthy and Diamond Jubilee Celebrations of the Gandhiniketan Ashram, Inter School competitions in various activities among the Higher Secondary, and High School Students belonging to Usilampatti educational District were held.

Exhibition of Science Project – 21.07.2016

On 21st July 2016 Science Exhibition was conducted under the presidentship of Smt.V.Radha Akka, Secretary, Gandhiniketan Ashram. In her presidential address, she pointed out that Group participation, Co-operation, Language Skill are developed by this Science Exhibition. She remembered the Scientists Newton, Archimidis etc. She advised the students to make use of the Science Exhibition. Dr.Dinakaran, Professor Madura College inaugurated the Science Exhibition. In his inaugural address he told that we should create interest in Science through the inventions, displayed in the Exhibitions like this.


More than 50 Exhibits were displayed by the students. All the students and teachers appreciated the Exhibition.

Inter School Competition

Students Literary, Art, Individual Talent and One Act Play Competitions –

In Tamil Literature, Elocution, Essay Writing, Lyrics writing, Drama and Individual Talent Competitions were held on 22.7.2016. Many Schools from Usilampatti. Educational District participated in the competitions.


The Winners are
Elocution – PKN Boys Hr.Secy.School, Tirumangalam
Essay Writing – GNGV Hr. Secy. School, T.Kallupatti
Song – GNGV Hr. Secy. School, T.Kallupatti
Lyrics – P.K.N. Boys Hr. Secy, School, Tirumangalam
Drawing – P.K.N. Boys Hr. Secy, School, Tirumangalam
Dance – P.K.N. Girls Hr. Secy. School, Tirumanglam
Drama – P.K.N. Girls Hr. Secy. School, Tirumangalam

Village Heritage Sports -23.07.2016

The Third day Competitions were conducted as Village Heritage Sports on 23rd July 2016.

In the presence of our Ashram Secretary Smt.V.Radha Akka , Our Ashram Governing Body Member Sri.V.Ragupathi, Dr.C.Ramesh, Asst. Professor Madurai Kamaraj University declared open the competitions, Schools from Usilampatti Educational district participated.

Thattangal, Kilithattu, Nondi, Pallankuli were the games played by the girls, Kabbadi, Pambaram, Kitti, Silambam were played by the boys. The boys and girls took part with enthusiasm in the more or less forgotten competitions.




















The Winners are
Kabadi – G.N.G.V.Hr.Secy.School, T.Kallupatti
Silambam – G.N.G.V.Hr.Secy. School, T.Kallupatti
Pambaram – Govt. High School, Gopinaickenpatti
Kitti – G.N.G.V. Hr. Secy.School, T.Kallupatti
Thatangal – G.N.G.V. Hr. Secy.School, T.Kallupatti
Kilithattu – R.M.Ps.R.N.Hr. Secy. School, S.Athipatti
Nondi – Govt. Hr. Secy. School, M.Subbulapuram
Pallanguli – G.N.G.V. Hr. Secy.School, T.Kallupatti

Prize distribution ceremony 26.07.2016

In connection with the Anniversary Celebrations prizes were distributed by the chief guest Dr.Sathyavan, Retired Professor, Madurai Medical College. In his presidential address he told that students should develop their individual talents. It will help them to shine in future life. Smt.P.Thilagavathi, Governing Body Member told that students should adapt the noble qualities of living examples like our Chairman Ayya and Dr.Sathiyavan who possess self-confidence, discipline and determination.


Welcome address by our Secretary


Special speech by our Governing body Member


Special Address by Dr.Sathyavan


Prize distribution


Prizes were distributed to academic Rank holders, winners in various competitions and momentoes to all the teachers and staff members of Gandhiniketan Ashram.

Cultural Day-27-07-2016

As a part of our Anniversary we celebrated the cultural festival on 27.7.2016 in our School Auditorium.

The Cultural Programmes were started with the prayer. Our Ashram Secretary Smt.V.Radha Akka welcomed the gatherings. Smt.Renuga Devi, District Educational Officer, Usilampatti inaugurated the function. In here talk she told that students should show interest in curricular and Co-curricular activities. They should voluntarily inform the teachers about their individual skills and participate in all the competitions whether they win or not she also congratulated all for centum result.


Special Address by Mrs.Renuga Devi, District Educational Officer, Usilampatti


Our Primary School Contribution

In the function Smt.P.Thilagavathi, Governing Body Member, Mr.M.Nagarajan, Administrative Officer, all the teachers, all the students and parents were also present.

The students of our primary school performed the following cultural items.

Bharatham, Mahabaratham drama, Group dance, Oyillattam, Kummi, Tamil Drama and Smt.Uma Maheswari, Smt.Vijaya Rani and Smt.Muthu Mari sang a song jointly.



Our Hr Sec School Contribution

After the break the programmes of our Higher Secondary School began, Bharatham, Kolattam, Kerala Dance, Aerobics, Kavadiattam, Karaham, Mime Show, Tamil Drama, English Drama, Villupattu, Thappattam and Pyramid were also performed. Bharathiar Sons were Sung.A large number of parents and all the students appreciated and enjoyed the programmes.

Ashram Diamond Jubilee Day and Founder’s Birthday Celebrations – 30.07.2016

Our Founder’s Birthday, our Ashram’s Diamond Jubilee was celebrated on 30.07.2016. The special prayer was conducted at 6.00 a.m. in Gandhi Mandapam. In the prayer meeting our Ashram President told us why great leaders like Gandhiji, G.Venkatachalapathy Ayya Jayanthis are celebrated. It is to adapt the noble qualities of them such as dress code, simplicity, avoid Loose talk on others, worship and village service.


Morning Special Prayer

Each tree helps to other beings by offering shade, fruits, oxygen etc., Everyman must help the society like trees. So, Every Gandhiniketan student must have uniqueness in their activities. They must shine in their respective departments, fields, because of their uniqueness. That is the real tribute to Thondar Ko.Ve.


Message by Our Ashram President

At 8.30 A.M. Dr.Ramasamy, Vice Chancellor, Tamil Nadu Agriculture University, Kovai hoisted our Ashram. Flag Dr.V.Irai Anbu, I.A.S. Principal Commissioner, Department of Economics and Statistics, Government of Tamil Nadu inaugurated Amarar KO.Ve. Memorial Museum.


Ashram Flag hoisted by Dr.Ramasamy, Vice Chacellor, Tamilnadu Agriculture University, Kovai


Amarar Ko.Ve.Memorial Museum Inaugurated by Dr.V.Irai Anbu I.A.S., Principal Commissioner, Department of Economics and Statistics, Govt. of Tamil Nadu

At 9.00 A.M. Nama Sangeerthanam was conducted by our Gandhiniketan Ashram group. We paid a floral tribute at Founder’s Samadhi. Dr.K.Ramasamy, Vice Chancellor, inaugurated Amarar J.C.Kumarappa memorial museum.



Bajan at Santhivan


Floral tribute in Founder’s samathi


Dr.K.Ramasamy, Vice Chancellor, inaugurated Amarar J.C.Kumarappa memorial museum at kumarappa Kudil and Computer Lab at Hr.Sec.School Block

Annual Day meeting started at 10.15 A.M. with prayer. Prof.R.Venkataswami, President, Gandhiniketan Ashram welcomed the gathering. Dr.V.Ragupathi, Governing Body Member read the felicitations of great members like Former Oddisha Governor, President Umaiyal Aachi Trust, India Pistan, Lakshmi Mills, Kovai, Vivekananda Kendra Vidyalaya, Kanniyakumari etc., Smt.V.Radha Akka, Secretary, Gandhiniketan Ashram presented the Annual Report.


Welcome address by our President Prof.R.Venkataswami


Read Felicitations by our Governing body Member Dr.V.Ragupathi


Annual Report by our Secretary Mrs.V.Radha



Dr.V.Irai Anbu, I.A.S. delivered Founder’s memorable oration. He released the updated edition of Thondar KO.Ve. He talked about Thondar KO.Ve. He told that he attained the same feeling when he entered Gandhiji’s birth place Borbandar and Gandhiniketan Ashram, T.Kallupatti. He appreciated the qualities of our chairman Prof.R.Vemkataswami and his professor Dr.Ramasamy. He insisted that students must adapt their qualities in their life.


Thonder Ko.Ve. Updated Edition Book Released and Founder’s Memorial oration by Dr.V.Irai Anbu,
I.A.S. Principal Commissioner, Department of Economics and Statistics, Govt. of Tamil Nadu

He also told that Education must fulfill the needs of the poor people. Everyone must hold the principle “go to the field and work according to it”. He remembered the sayings of Tagore, Gandhiji, T.S.Eliot, Simon, Paul Elitman, confusions, Lovotsa and and J.Krishna Moorthi. He asked the students to adapt Gandhian principles for the progress of soul.


Presidential Address by Dr.K.Ramasamy, Vice Chancellor,Tamilnadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore


Vote of Thanks by our Treasurer Mr.V.Shanmugasundaram

Vice Chancellor, Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Kovai delivered his presidential address. In his address, he told that India is a agricultural country. Students should give importance to agriculture. Teachers are the ladders, Students should climb on the steps of ladders very carefully. He asked the students while you study you must learn some hand works. It will help for their future life. Everyone must have courage in their mind. Like Gandhiji, Our Founder G.Venkatachalapathy and our Ashram president Dr.R.Venkataswami Ayya. We should do service to the Society.Sri.N.Shanmuga Sundaram, Treasurer, Gandhiniketan Ashram delivered vote of thanks. The meeting came to an end with the National Anthem.

Independence Day – 15.08.2016

We celebrated 70th Independence Day on 15.08.16 in our ashram. The National Flag was hoisted by our governing body member Dr.V.Ragupathi ayya at 8.30A.M. After that students went on a procession along the main streets of T.Kallupatti raising the following slogans “Jai Hindh, Vande Madharam, Bharath Mathaki Jai” etc. The procession with band attracted all.


National Flag hoisted by our Governing body Member Dr.V.Ragupathi



Independence day meeting was conducted in our Auditorium at 10.00AM Dr.V.Ragupathi Ayya presided over the meeting. Sri.V.Veeraraj Ayya, Headmaster Gandhi Niketan G.Venkatachalapathy Higher Secondary School welcomed the gathering. In his presidential address Dr.Ragupathi Ayya told about the importance of patriotism. He told our Institution was started in 1940. We got Independence in 1947. Between 1940 and 1947 seven years during this period our institution served as the field to prepare the freedom fighters. In 1942 our founder was arrested in our Gandhi Mandapam at mid night for the participation in Quit India movement. Many great leaders like Rajaji, Kamarajar, O.P.Ramasamy Reddiar, Kumarasamy Raja, Bakthavatchalam, Gurusamy Ayya, Thavasi Naidu and Dr.Rajendra Prasad etc. had come over here to our Ashram. Dr.Ragupathi Ayya also told the students that our institution was the main part for the freedom movements in our area. So we must inherit the feeling of Patriotism, Unity, Service the poor people and National integration. That is the pledge we should take on this special day.


Welcome address by our HM


Presidential Address by our Governing Body

Sri.T.Rajkumar P.G.Asst Physics delivered his special speech. In his special address he talked about the best qualities of teachers as well as students. The qualities mentioned by him.

  • Don’t tell lies
  • Avoid loose talks
  • Avoid violence
  • Avoid smoking
  • Keep time management
  • Do Exercise
  • Take Balanced Diet
  • Love thy neighbours.
  • Observe the class keenly
  • Practice the habit of learning everyday
  • Giving importance to cleanliness
  • Self- confidence
  • Hard work
  • Self – respect
  • Discipline

He explained the above qualities through the life of Va.Ve.Su.Ayyar, Alexandar,
Sathrapathi sivaji, Harichandra, Gandhiji, Ko.Venkatachalapathy, Dr.Radhakrishnan and Arnold.
He insisted that teachers should also do their duty sincerely for the society. Then
only students could acquire the above qualities. Teachers shape the pillars-the students the future of the Nation.
“Educating the poor” is the greatest duty of the teacher (ie) “Aangor Aazhiku
Czhu thu Arivithal” is a noble duty – a service. He remembered the words of the best teacher Dr.Radha Krishnan-
“Aasiria panie Arapani
Aatharku unnai Arpani”
Matha, Pitha, Guru, Theivam. Here we note the importance given to the teachers. They are second parents.
Teachers Must be good learners also they are like well ladder and boat.

    1. Well (Keni) : we can get the water and pour it to the dry lands.

Teacher : get knowledge and use

    1. Ladder (Eani) : ladder helps one to climb up and up.

But the ladder can not move
Teacher : lift the students up and up.

    1. Small boat (Thoni) : It can carry people from one side to other.

Teacher : Make the illiterate to literate.
Student should become as good citizens because of education. So, every student and teachers must help in creating the best society.


Special Address by our PG Teacher Mr.T.Rajkumar

Untitled-1 copy

Vote of Thanks by our AO Mr.M.Nagarajan

Sri.M.Nagarajan, Administrative officer proposed vote of thanks.

The meeting came to an end with the National Anthem.

Krishna Jeyanthi- 23.08.2016



Pooja and Bajan


Special Speech by our Tamil PG Teacher