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2019 Events

Christmas – 19.12.2019

Christmas day was celebration on our school Auditorium on 19.12.19. The meeting started with the prayer. Sri.M.Nagarajan HM welcomed all. Ramanathan IX std student sang ‘Ennil Adanga Sthothiram’ song.


Dr. Sembon David, Former Director Madurai Medical College, Madurai delivered Presidential address. In his talk he told that we should think of the needy people and help them. We should love all.


Sri.Solomon Pastor of C.S.I. church Pasumalai, delivered Christmas day message. Nothing is impossible, Jesus makes Everything possible. He also explained sacredness of Jesus through stories. Sr.Ebenesar, Father C.S.I. Church sang many Christmas songs.


Finally Siva Ganesa Pandi XI-C student appeared as “Santa Claus” and delivered Christmas day message. Sri.T.Rajkumar AHM thanked all. The meeting came to an end with the National Anthem.

Primary School Sports Day-16.11.2019

On the 16th of November Gandhi nikethan G. Venkatachalapathi primary school hosted its annual sports meet. It was a day filled with thrills and cheers.


Taking March Past Salute and Prize Distribution by our Ashram Member Dr.V.Ragupathi

Lighting the Olympic Torch
Special address by Dr.Murali Raj
Prize Distribution
Prize Distribution

The program commenced with the chief guest Dr. Ragupathi ,School board member,the guest of honour Dr. Muraliraj, PHC, and other distinguished guests.The headmistress Mrs.Muthumari welcomed the guests and gathering.The chief guest and guest of honour hoisted the national flag and Olympic flag respectively.The board of Trustee Dr. Ragupathi presided over the function and took a salute of impressive march past of all the four houses The special guest Dr. Muraliraj lit the Olympic light. Then he addressed the gathering by his lovely speech.He also emphasised the importance of sports in a childs’s march past was the highlight. Another highlight of the day was the lighting of the Olympic torch which was carried by a student sankar ganesh.


Filling the water in a bottle Game
 Kulam Karai Game
Frag Race


Kangaroo Ottam
Replacing the balls Game
Chakku Ottam
Three Leg Ottam
 Corner to the VIPs
Lucky Corner to the Parents

The students displayed a wide array of energetic events ranging from the march past, track events.variety races such as frog race, hurdle race and traditional games. Most of the events are funny just like potato carrying race,races of 100meters etc.The chief guest and special guest awarded the winners of the various sports events. The proud parents could be seen filled with happiness to see their child performing. Mostly all the children had participated.Moreover, A game lucky corner was conducted for teachers, guests, and parents. It was fortunate that in this session of much humiditity.The event went on around 3 hours. It was also filled with sportsmanship,and memeries to cherish. Mrs Revathi thanked all for their cooperation and support.

Children’s Day – 14.11.2019

131st Birth Anniversary of our former Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru

Children’s Day was celebrated in our Auditorium. The meeting started with the prayer. Sri.M.Nagarajan HM welcomed all. Sri. S.Thazhai Kani B.T.Asst. Delivered special address about “Manitharul Manikkam”-Nehru. In his address he talked about Nehru’s childhood and his participation in freedom movement. Nehru knew more about freedom movements, by reading the books of Gari Baldi an Italian political leader. He was an admirer of Gopala Krishna Gokalea.

Welcome address by our HM
Special address by our Bt Asst Sri.S.Thazhai Kani

He met Gandhiji in 1920. He was very much impressed by gandhiji’s simple, impressive speech and he accepted Gandhiji as his leader. He was imprisoned altogether 9 years. He wrote many books while in prison.

Under the guidance of Gandhiji he become the Prime minister of India. During his 17 years tenure as prime minister he made 5 year plans. By that India grew in agricultural and production of heavy vehicles. He died on 27th may in 1964. As per his wish his ash was spread all over India.

Students Speech by Selvan.A.Velmurugan
Aerobic Dance

Selvan.A.Velmurugan XI-A talked about ‘Nehruji-Samathana Pura’. Aerobics dance was performed by VII standard girls. Sri.P.Subburaj, AHM delivered vote of thanks. The meeting came to an end with the national Anthem.

Ashram opening Day-12.10.2019

Our Gandhiniketan Ashram was established on 12th October 1940. On that day it was opened by Sarthar Vetha Rathinam Pillai on the request of our founder G.Venkatachalapathy. We remembered that day today.

The special prayer was conducted at Gandhimandabam at 6.00 A.M. our Ashram president Prof.Dr.R.Venkataswami ayya talked through Skype. In his talk he remembered the leaders present on the day October 12th 1940.


Our Ashram is a sacred place. Before independence, it was a training place for the patriotic leaders. After independence our founder gave importance to village students. He asked the teachers to give good education to the village students. It will help them to prepare themselves in this competitive world.

Our president also told that today is a thinking day. Everyone must think of our duties to our Ashram . we should do our duties with faith and dedication. Then only we can produce good students/good citizens with moral values like discipline and self-respect in the society.

Bajan at santhivan
Prayer at Gandhimandapam

After Nama sangeerthanam we paid a floral tribute to founder’s samathi. Then we all gathered before founder’s statue and paid a floral tribute.



Floral tribute to founder’s samathi
Founder’s statue

The public meeting was started in the auditorium at 10.00 A.M. Sri.M.Nagarajan HM welcomed all. Dr.V.Ragupathi, Governing body member delivered special address. In his talk he told that our institution is now 80 years old. It is a holy place. He shared his golden moments when he was a student here. Our founder started this institution to help the poor and needy. He followed 18 constructive plans of Gandhiji. Our founder gave importance to prayer and village industries. Gandhiji blessed this place. He asked everyone to follow our founder’s noble qualities. That is the real tribute to him.

Guests on the Dais
Welcome address by our HM


Special address by our Member Dr.V.Ragupathi
Vote of thanks by our Primary HM

Our primary school HM Smt.V.Muthumari thanked all.

Navarathiri and Saraswathi Pooja – 07.10.2019

Saraswathi pooja was celebrated in our school auditorium in 07.10.2019 at 9.30 am. The function started with Bajanas by our teacher PrSri.N.Ramanisekar and his groups.


Navarathiril Kolu

Smt.G.Kanageswari Tamil Teacher delivered a special talk about Navarathiri and its importance. There are two types in Navarathiri. One navarathiri comes in Tamil Month “Chithirai” that is Vasantha Navarathiri and the next one comes in “Puratasi” that is “Saratha navarathiri” . She explained that Thirumagal Killed Demon on Vijayathasami Day. She told the stones of “Saraswathi Thiruvilayadal”.


 Special address by our Tamil Teacher Smt.G.Kanageshwari

She also explained the spiritual actions of goddess ‘Parasakthi’-whom we celebrate with poojas for first 3 days(in the nine days Navarathiri pooja). Goddess Mahalakshmi- Whom we pray for the next three days. Goddess Saraswathi-whom we pray and do Poojas for last three days. After that Prasatham was given to all.

150th Birth  Anniversary of Mahathma Gandhiji – 02.10.2019

The 150th Birth Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi was celebrated in our Gandhi Niketan Ashram on 02.10.2019. there was a special prayer in Gandhimandapam at 6.00 A.M.


Morning special prayer at gandhimandapam



Special Message by our Ashram Member Dr.V.Ragupathi

Our Ashram Governing body member Dr.V.Ragupathi gave message on Gandhi Jayanthi. In his talk he told that Gandhiji gave importance to prayer, untouchability, social integration and hard work throughout his life. India’s soul is Gandhiji. He also expressed his views about Lal Bahathur sastri. He was the simple person who served our nation greatly. We should remember these leaders and pay tribute to them by following their principles. Relay spinning was also conducted.



Our national flag was hoisted by Dr.V.Ragupathy at 8.30 A.M. we all gathered in front of our Founder’s statue hear independence day silver jubilee memorial pillar. Then we paid a floral tribute. Our Ashram president Padmashri Dr.R.Venkataswami ayya participated in all the activities through skype. The students went along the procession in the main streets of T.Kallupatti raising slogans like Mahatma Gandhikku Jai, jai Hind etc. The staff members of T.Kallupatti major Panchayat office also took part in the Procession.

Welcome address by our HM
Special address by our Member Dr.V.Ragupathi

After the procession we all gathered at 10.00. A.M. in the auditorium for the meeting Sri.M.Nagarajan HM welcomed all. Dr.V.Ragupathi, Governing body member delivered the presidential his address he told that our Ashram is a blessed place because we have Gandhiji’s statue here, which was opened by our First president of India Dr.Rajendra Prasath. Some bones and ashes of Gandhijiare kept under the statue. Mahatmas Gandhiji had signed in this statue. Our institution was very much liked by Gandhiji. Our founder started this institution for spreading Gandhian principles .

Untitled-1 copySmt.P.Thilagavathi

Smt. P.Thilagavathi Governing body member delivered the special address. In her address she told that when Gandhiji visited Madurai he decided to wear very simple clothes; why we call Gandhiji  as Mahatma and father of the Nation.It is all because he practiced what he preached. She also told about Gandhiji’s noble qualities like truth and non – violence. The great leaders from various countries were also inspired by Gandhiji and followed truth and non – violence to succeed in their life. Thoughts, words and actions were same in Gandhiji’s life. She asked the students to read “Endrum Gandhi” by  Aasai thambi we took oath on ‘Avoid Plastics’.DSC_0944

Sri.T.Rajkumar AHM thanked all. The meeting came to an end with the National Anthem.


Plant the saplings



Exhibition on Mahatma Gandhiji’s life

Then we all planted trees along with Major Panjayat staff. We watched a wonderful photo exhibition on Mahatma Gandhiji’s life and works exhibited in Khadi Vidyalayam.

Vinobhaji 125th Birth day Celebration-14.09.2019

Vinobhaji’s 125th Birth Anniversary was celebrated in our school Auditorium on 14.09.19. the meeting started with the prayer. Sri.M.Nagarajan HM welcomed the gathering. Our Ashram Member Dr.V.Ragupathy honored the chief guest. Sri.K.M.Natarajan, President, Gandi Smarak Nidhi.

In his address the chief guewst told that Mahatma Gandhiji and Kasthuribai’s  150th birthday and Vinobaji’s 125th birthday is celebrated this year. Gandhiji’s spiritual Guru was Vinobaji. Both the leaders are known for their simplicity and sacrifice. Both of them learnt moral values from their mothers.

Gandhiji told his disciples in his ashram that everyone came here to get blessing but vinobaji came here for giving blessing to everyone.


Special Address by Sri.K.M.Natarajan

Vinobaji was the founder of “Boomi Dhan”  he collected almost 4,00,000 acres from land owners and distributed to landless people. First he started his Boomidhan movement in pochamballi at Telungana. Sri.Ramachandra redid sponsored 100 acres. Vinobaji motivated the cow cruelty prohibition Act. Our FounderG.Venkatachalapathy was also inspires by his movement.

Gandhiji called his as First Sathyagrahi. He asked all to read Vinobaji’s books. It will give new spirit and knowledge. Sri.T.Rajkumar AHM thanked all. The meeting came to an end with the National Anthem.



Our staff cleaning the Vinayagar Kovil and Kumarappa kudil areas

Teacher’s Day-05.09.2019


Teacher’s Day was celebrated in our School Auditorium on 5th September 2019, the birth anniversary day of Dr.Radhakrishnan. the function started with the Prayer at 3.30P.M. Sri.M.Nagarajan, Headmaster welcomed the gathering. Selvan.Siva Ganesan, XI-C talked about Asiriyar jothi Dr.Radhakrishnan.



Welcome address by our HM Sri.M.Nagarajan

Untitled-1 copy
Address by Selvan C.Sivaganesan XI-C
Special address by our Vocational Instructor Sri.M.Senthil Arumugam

Sri.Senthil Arumugam, Vocational Teacher delivered the special speech. He told about the life style of Dr.Radhakairshnan. He stressed that all the students must obey their teachers. Then only they will get progress in life. He also insisted that the teachers must inspire the students, so that they can make good life style also. Teaching is a noble profession. The teachers should dedicate themselves for that profession. Our Assistant Headmaster Sri.T.Rajkumar thanked all. The meeting came to an end with the National Anthem.

Primary School:

Teachers day was celebrated in the school on 5th September 2019 and the celebration began at 3pm in the school open ground . The programme was lead off with a prayer , followed by an inauguration where students and teachers offered flowers to a portrait of Dr. Radhakrishnan . This was followed by a speech by the headmaster who spoke about the significance of teachers day. A student, Yazhini class of V then shared the quotable quotes of Dr. Radhakrishnan among the audience.

Mr. Sellamurugan, teacher gave a special address about Dr.Radhakrishnan’s life and service. As the speech concluded, the cultural programme began which included special dances, acknowledging the love and care of each teacher bestows on them. After the celebration, the students and teachers left for their respective classrooms ,the celebration continued. Students greeted their teachers with loads of love. The programme wrapped up with vote of thanks .


Vinayagar Chathurthi-02.09.2019

Vinayagar chathurthi was celebrated in our School Auditorium on 02.09.19 at 9.30 A.m. Sri.Kadambarajan and his group sang Vinayagar songs.


 Special address by our English teacher Smt.J.Krishnadeepa

Vignam means destroying the sorrows. She also expressed when we worship vinayaga why we do sit-ups and breaking the coconuts. She quoted Vinayagar’s Agarwal from Vivekasinthamani and explained it. If we think good, say good and do good there is no bad time at all. After that prasadam was distributed to the students and teachers.

Primary School:

Ganesha chadhurthi was celebrated with pomp and gaiety. The entire school joined hands in the celebration of vinayagar chadhurthi. The festival was celebrated by installing Lord Ganesa‘s idol. The festival started with a traditional lamp lighting, bhajan and aarthi. A team of teachers and students thirilled the audience with chanting religious songs.

We offered pongal, modaks to Lord Ganesa. Mrs Uma maheswari, teacher gave a devotional speech about Lord Ganesa and his Almighty. She also said that one should know the culture, tradition and the importance of celebrating festivals. The ceremony ended with great joy, happiness and devotion towards Lord Ganesa. Of all festivals Ganesh chadhurti is more colourful.

Independence Day -15.08.2019

We celebrated 73rd independence day on 15.08.2019 in our Ashram. the national flag was hoisted by our Ashram Secretary Smt.V.Radha at 8.30 Am. after that students went on a procession along the main streets of T.Kallupatti raising the following slogans, “Jaihindh, vande Madharam, Bharath Mathaki Jai” etc. the procession with band attracted all.

DSC_0060Flag hoiting and special message by our Ashram Secretrary

Welcome address by our HM
Presidential address by our Secretary

Independence day meeting was conducted in our Auditorium at 10.00 A.M with prayer. Sri.M.Nagarajan HM, GNGVHSS welcomed the gathering. Our Ashram President Padmashri Prof.Dr.R.Venkataswami ayya delivered Independence day message. he told the students, study about politics and values of the society apart from the lesson. Everyone must do their duties with dedication. that is the real tribute to the patriotic leaders. In her presidential address Smt.V.Radha told today is the most important that everyone’s birthday. Teachers must teach not only lessons but also moral values. Then only students will be good citizens. we forget to follow gandhian principles in our sowely. so crimes are increasing today.


Special address by our BT Teacher Sri.S.Muralikrishnan
Vote of thanks by our AHM Sri.T.Rajkumar

Sri.S.Muralikrishnan B.T.Asst delivered special address. in his address he remembered the freedom movements like Plazi war, First world war, partition of Bengal, Rowlet law, Jalian wala bagh, Massacre, Dhadi March, Quit India Movement etc. Because of all these struggles we geot Independence. Many great leaders sacrificed their life.

He remembered the sacrifices of Bahath singh, Uttham singh, Kuthira Bose, Vibin Chandra Paul etc. At last we got independence by Gandhiji’s weapons, Ahimsa and sathyagraha. the real independence is not more in the celebrations, we should think of our duties in our life. that is the real independence. Sri T.Rajkumar AHM thanked all. the meeting came to an end with the National Anthem.

110th Birthday Celebrations of our Founder and 80th Annual Day Celebrations of our Ashram

20th July 2019  to  30th July 2019


           The 110th Birthday of our Ashram Founder Amarar G.Venkatachalapathy Ayya and 80th Annual Day of our Ashram were Celebrated on 30th July 2019.

         A Special Prayer was conducted at Gandhimandapam at 6.00am.In the prayer meeting our Chairman Padmashri. Prof.R.Venkataswami Ayya talked about our founder’s simplicity and life style.He quoted that when our founder was working in the secretariat he did not change his dress code of wearing dhoti.Our Founder started this institution for the development of village students we should train the students in all round development.  We should take oath to do right work in a correct way following our founder’s ideas in our life is the best way of remembering him today.

Morning Special Prayer at Gandhimandabam

Special Message by our President Prof.Dr.R.Venkataswami


Ashram Flag Hoisted by Sri.P.K.Ashok Babu IFS

Sri.P.K.Ashok Babu IFS,Regional Passport Officer,Chennai hoisted  our Ashram Flag at Dr.Rajendra Prasad Squre at 8.30 A.M Nama Sangeerthanam was Sing by our music teacher Kadamparasan and group in Santhivanam at.9.00 A.M After that we Paid a floral tribute at Founder’s Samathi and Founder’s Statue.

Bhajan at santhivan

Floral Tribute at santhivan

Floral tribute at our Founder’s statue

Bhajan at our founder’s statue

The Public meeting started at Auditorium at 10.00 A.M with the Prayer our Chairman Prof.Dr.R.Venkataswami Ayya welcomed the gathering our Ashram Secretary Smt.V.Radha presented the Annual Report.


Welcome address by our Ashram President Prof.Dr.R.Venkataswami

Annual Report Present by our Ashram Secretary Smt.V.Radha

Founder’s Oration by Sri.Chokkalingam, President, Kannadhasan Narpanimandram, Madurai

Sri.Chokkalingam,President, Kannadhasan Narpanimandram, Madurai delivered foundre’s oration. He fold that Ko.Ve. is a “Manthra”.He lived for the Society Gandhiyam and Sarvodayam were his principles Vaithiyanatha Iyer,N.M.R.Subburaman and Founder G.Ve.were the seeds of this Institution.           Dr.Sivan ISRO director is a Tamilian. Like him we have to make our efforts as capital.A small seed becomes a big tree.

Releasing the E-Magazine

Our President Prof.Dr.R.Venkataswami ayya honored for Padmashri Award

On behalf of our Ashram our President was congratulated and honored for “Padmashri” Award. Sri.P.K.Ashokbabu Indian Foreign Service, Regional Passport Officer Chennai delivered presidential address. He told that our Ashram is a holy place because many great leaders had come here.We must read the life history of great leaders.Every Gandhi niketan student must have uniqueness in their activities. We should be the role model to other school students in our activities.He appreciated the qualities of our Chairman Padmashri R.Venkatasami Ayya. He insisted the students must adopt these qualities in their life.

Prize distribution

Prize Distribution

Prize Distribution

Prize Distribution

Chief Guest address by Sri.P.K.Ashok Babu IFS, Regional Passport officer, Chennai

Vote of thanks by our Treasurer N.Shanmugasundaram

Prizes were distributed to the academic winners and momentum was given to all the teachers and staff members working in our Ashram. Sri.N.Shanmugasundaram, Treasurer GNA thanked all the function came to an end with the National Althem.

Fifth Day : Cultural Day – 26.07.2019

As a Part of our Anniversary we celebrated the cultural festivel on 26.07.2019 in  our School auditorium.  The cultural programme was started with the prayer. Our President Padmashri.Prof.R.Venkatasami congratulated all the participants. Smt.V.Radha secretary GNA,and Smt.P.Thilagavathi govering body member wished everyone. The students of our Primary School performed the following items,Baratham,Fancydress,Drama,Group dance and Aerobics.

Primary School:

Krishna Dance

Folk Dance


Kummi dance

Fancy Dance

Scene on a Drama

Pinnal Kolattam

Primary School participants


After the break the programmes of our Higher Secondary School    began Bharatham, Kollattam, Kummi, KeralaDance, Aerobics, Kavadiattam, Karaham, Mimeshow, Tamildrama, English Drama, Patriotic songs and Villupattu were performed. A larged number of parents and all the students appreciated and enjoyed the programme.




Heritage Drama




English Drama-Thandi March

Tamil Drama-Thiruvilayadal





Third Day: Science Exhibition( 23.07.2019 and 24.07.2019)

Dr.Prakash S.N.College,Assistant Professor (Botany) declared opened the exhibition.He emphasised that students should have interest in doing researches in all subjects. For that we can read text books thoroughly and understand the concepts.It will help the students to get good marks in competitive exams. Many Schools participated in science exhibition. Our Ashram secretary and our Governing  body member  congratulated all the participants. There were more than 125 exhibits from all the departments displayed by 250 students.

Special Address by Dr.Prakash, S.N.College, Madurai

Dr.Prakash Inaugurate the Exhibition

Physics Department Exhibits

Other School Exhibits





Computer Science & IT

Our Primary School



Second Day : 22.07.2019

In Tamil Literature,Elocution,Eassywriting Lyrics Competition and Individual Talent competition were heled on 22.7.2019.Many Schools from Usilampatti,Thirumangalam Educational districts participated.




Essay Writing


Individual Talent

First Day : Annual Sports Day – 20.07.2019

The sports day function started at 4.00 P.M. in our auditorium with the prayer. Our Ashram Secretary Smt.V.Radha welcomed the gathering, Sri.S.Lakshmanakumar, Physical Director, GNGVHSS Presented the Annual Report.

National Flag Hoisted by our Ashram Member Dr.V.Ragupathy

Olympic Flag Hoisted by our Ashram Member Smt.P.Thilagavathy

Ashram Flag Hoisted by our Ashram Secretary Smt.V.Radha

School Flag Hoisted by Dr.Muraliraj G.Venkatachalapathy Primary Health Centre, T.Kallupatti

Olympic Torch

Lighting the Olympic Torch By our Former HM Sri.G.Muthuramalingam


Prize Distribution


Chakku Race

100 Mtr Running








Individual Skill

Guests-Musical Corner

Staff Competition

Sri.R.Swaminathan, Chief Educational Officer, Madurai delivered the presidential address. In his talk he talked about the importance of individual skill and values. He also insisted the students that they should study not only for marks but also for life. The chief guest congratulated and distributed the prizes to the winners. Sri.K.Murugan, PET thanked all. The meeting came to an end with the National Anthem.

Welcome Address by our Secretary Smt.V.Radha

Annual Report By our Physical Education Director Sri.M.Lakshmanakumar

Prize Distribution

Prize Distribution- Champion

Special Address by Sri.R.Swaminathan, CEO, Madurai

Vote of thanks by our PET Sri.K.Murugan

Founder Sri.G.Venkatachalapathy Ayya’s 50th Remembrance Day at   Gandhi Museum, Madurai

Welcome Address by Our Ashram Member Dr.V.Ragupathy
Special Address by Sri.K.M.Natarajan, President, Tamilnadu Gandhi Memorial Foundation


Special address by Sri Swamy Narayananda Maharaj

Special address by Smt.Dr.Natchiyar Aravind Eye Hospital, Madurai

Special address by Sri. M.P.Gurusamy

Vote of Thanks by

Founder Sri.G.Venkatachalapathy Ayya’s 50th Remembrance Day at our Ashram-13.06.2019

Founder Sri.G.Venkatachalapathy Ayya’s 50th Remembrance Day was observed in our Gandhiniketan Ashram on 13.06.19. A special prayer was conducted at 6.00Am in our Manimandapam. In the prayer Dr.V.Ragupathi ayya delivered Remembrance Day message. In his talk he told that our Ashram was started only for the development of village industries. Our founder was called upon 1947 by the chief Minister Sri.O.Ramasamy Reddiyar to serve as the Secretary to the Rural Development Scheme.


Morning Special Prayer

Special Message by our Ashram Member Dr.V.Ragupathy


He started Gokalea hostel to remove untouchability. Gandhiji’s friend Thakkar Baba came and visited the services of our founder in Gopinayakkanpatti. School is Temple-Alayam. Because it cultures the students. Everyone must think of the purpose for which he started Ashram we should follow the services of our founder that is the real tribute to him.

Nama Sangeerthanam was organized by our Ashram group at 9.00 A.M. Then we all paid a Floral tribute to our Founder at his samathi. In the meantime “Relay Spinning” was going on.

Bhajan at Santhivan

Floral Tribute




Floral Tribute by our Founder’s Statue

Prayer at our Founder’s statue block

Inaugural Address by our Ashram Member Smt.P.Thilagavathy

We all gathered before founder’s statue at 9.30 A.M. after the prayer we all paid a floral tribute at founder’s statue.

The remembrance day meeting was started at 3.00 P.M. in our auditorium. Smt.P.Thilagavathy Governing body member delivered the inaugural address. Our institution gives importance to Basic Education. Vocational Education and Village Development. Our founder’s statue watches our routine work. Students must work hard and get good position in the future. She mentioned about Sri.Mayil Sami Anna Durai one of the directors of ISRO.

Special address by our Ashram Member Dr.V.Ragupathy

Special Address by Sri.K.M.Natarajan, President, Tamilnadu Gandhi Memorial Foundation

Sri.K.M.Natarajan, President Gandhiji Memorial Foundation, Tamilnadu delivered special address. In his address he shared his memorable moments with our founder. Our founder is the true disciple of Gandhiji and Vinoba. Along with J.C.Kumarappa he did many village services. He was the pioneer for the village development. This is a holy place. Students must follow the principles of our founder.

Presidential Address by our Secretary Smt.V.Radha

Vote of Thanks by our Hr.Sec.School HM Sri.M.Nagarajan

Our Ashram Secretary Smt.V.Radha delivered presidential address. She compared our founder to “Mano Ranjitham” flower. He got the quality of service mind from his mother. He was true devotee of Gandhiji. He had the best administration power. He had many good friends like Narayanasamy nadir, Meenakshi Sundaram and Lal beer etc. every one of you should be blessed to study and work in this school. Our Hr. Sec School HM Sri.M.Nagarajan thanked all. The meeting came to an end with the national Anthem.

Teachers In-service Training (31.05.2019-01.06.2019)

31.05.2019 First Day

            The In-service training was conducted for higher secondary and primary school staff in our Gandhimnadabam on 31.05.2019. the training started at 9.00 A.M with the prayer. Our Ashram Chairman Padmashri Dr.R.Venkataswami ayya addressed the gathering through conference. In his talk he told that our Ashram is a sacred place our Founder G.Venkatachalapathy Ayya was also a teacher. We should be proud of that. He started our school for the development of rural people.

Teachers should be committed in their service. Teachers should do good and their future duties should be better or the best. We should read books more and more. Then only we can give more details to the students. Everyone must have faith in our institution. There should be no stagnation in duty. The relationship between students and teachers must be good. Identifying the skill mental strength we should encourage the students.


Presidential Address by Our Ashram President Prof.Dr.R.Venkataswami

All teachers must take responsibility for every student. Identify the mischief boy in the beginning itself. We will help them to correct his mistakes. All teachers students and parents should get together to develop our institution. Finally he concluded if there is any grievance to anybody it may be brought to the notice of the management. We will join and work together for the success of this institution. After the tea break Tamil, English, Maths, Science, Social Science and Vocational Teachers discussed subject wise under the following headings.

  • Teaching Methodology
  • Identification of Slow Learners
  • Initial assessment test
  • Notes of Lesson
  • Students Participation in all activities

    • Department meeting
    • Club meeting
    • Parent teacher meeting
    • Club meeting
    • Parent teacher meeting
    • Uniformity in syllabus

                After the lunch break all department secretaries submitted their reports to the headmaster. then various committee meetings began. The committees are environment committee, Village committee, Discipline Committee, Health and sanitation committee, sports committee, canteen committee agricultural committee, Staff welfare committee and web committee were discussed and reports were submitted to the Headmaster.

                This year V.Veeraraj HM GNGVHSS and Smt.Parimala HM GNGVPS retired from their services. Sri.M.Nagarajan has been appointed as new HM for GNGVHSS and Smt.Muthumari as Headmistress for GNGVPS. Both new HMs thanked the management for giving the opportunity to be the Heads and they requested the staff to co-operate with them for the betterment of our schools. The chairman felicitated the new Headmasters the session ended at 4.30 P.M.

    Second Day (01.06.2019)

    The second day inservice programme started at 9.00 AM at Gandhimandapam with the prayer Sri.M.Nagarajan HM welcomed the gathering. Padmashri Dr.R.venkataswami Ayya delivered introductory speech. Smt.P.Thilagavathi, Governing body member delivered Inaugural speech. In her talk she asked the teachers to treat the students as their children Education without discipline is sin as told by Gandhiji. She remembered the thoughts of philosopher, J.Krishnamoorthi. We have to live for the needs not for desire. Teachers should create best students.

    Sri Kanagasabapathi, Joint Secretary Gandhiniketan Ashram and President Entercon gave motivation training to the teachers. He asked the teachers to form circle and gave different types of balls and asked them to pass it. He used Basket ball, Volley ball, Tennikoit and Badminton ball. Through this he delivered the idea that balls are different kinds of students. We have to catch the balls in a different way. After tea break he divided the staff into six groups and asked the following questions.

Special address by our Governing body Member Smt.P.Thilagavathy

Our Ashram Member Sri.Kanagasabapathy gave Game activity to the teachers

  • Make our students to attain the following qualities.
  • Creative thinking
  • Powerful mind
  • Moral values
  • Face the problems boldly
  • Tolerance towards others
  • Now-a-days the kids have
  • More Knowledge Less Values
  • They are more selfish less compassion.
  • Poor Parenting and bad role models
  • in limited exposure to everything (Internet/Cinema/TV)
  • very less tolerance and highly sensitive
  • Less Respect to Age.

            To rectify above problems teachers must give fundamental literacies, Critical thinking, Creativity, Communication, Collaboration with all these students will develop the characters of curiosity, initiative, persistence, adaptability, Leadership, social and cultural awareness. We were asked to remember our teachers. All teachers got motivated and encouraged by the joint secretary. The programme was very interesting.             Our Primary School Headmistress Smt.Muthumari thanked all and the meeting came to an end at 4.40 PM.

FOUNDATION DAY- 28.04.2019

Foundation day was celebrated in our Gandhiniketan Ashram 0n 28.04.2019. the special prayer was conducted at 6.00 Am in Gandhimandapam. After the prayer our Ashram president Padmashri Dr.Prof. R.Venkataswami Ayya delivered message through skype. In his talk he explained the reasons for starting our Ashram by our Founder.To make the people patriotic and encourage them to Fight for Freedom of our country. To develop all Village Industries.


Untitled-1 copy

To give education to all village students. Teachers should create new society with good qualities of students. That is the main aim of our Founder. Then we all went to Founder’s samathi to pay the Floral tribute.

Ashram Governing body member Dr.V.Ragupathi and Tmt.P.Thilagavathi  enlighted the Kuthuvilakku before the statue of our Founder. After the prayer Dr.V.Ragupathi talked about the importance of the word “Amarar”. It means a person who lives for the importance of the welfare of the other people.



This is the 50th Remembrance year of our Founder. Our founder’s statue is established here to remember the principles of our Founder. It will give positive vibration to all. When we are tires. It will stimulate our mind and body.


Smt.P.Thilagavathi, Governing body member told that, “This is a mile stone for our Ashram”. Our Founder was a teacher. We all teachers should follow the principles of our Founder. Then only our institution will grow like a Banyan tree. We are all gifted to serve in this institution.



Our Chairman Dr.Prof.R.Venkataswami Received Padmashri award from India’s President Shri.Ram Nath Kovind

Untitled-1 copy

Our Ashram Chairman Prof.Dr.R.Venkataswami has been awarded “Padma Shri” for his best medical service. We are Proud to work under his guidance.


      We Observed Gandhiji and J.C.Kumarappa’s Remembrance day on 30.1.19.Today is M.K.Gandhiji’s 71st and J.C.Kumarappa’s 59th remembrance day.A special prayer was conducted in our Gandhi mandapam at 6.00A.M. smt.V.Radha,Secretary,Sri.V.Ragupathi Governing Body member,Ashram retired staff,staff- central office all the teachers of both higher secondary and primary schools and hostel stundents took part in it.

       Sri.V.Ragupathi Governing body member delivered special message.In his talk he reminded the noble qualities of both the leaders like Simplicity,Basic Education,importance of khadi, Sharma Dhan ,Prayer and love all the people.

       Gandhiji learnt the quality of speaking truth from Harichandran Drama;Parental love from siravanan pithur Bakthi, Upavasam from his mother, boldness from his servant maid Rambai, and learnt communal prayer from the piranami group.

Teachers should teach the moral values to the students.That is the real tribute to both the leaders. After that we paid a floral tribute to J.C.Kumarappa’s samadhi.

The meeting started at 9.00 A.M with the prayer. Our Ashram chairman PADMASHRI Prof.Dr.R.Venkataswami Ayya delivered special message through phone.In his talk he stressed the importance of this day .J.C.kumarappa also died on that particular date. He was the true disciple of Gandhiji.J.C.Kumaprappa was invited by our founder G.Venkatachalapathy to our Ashram in 1955.

Gandhiji always told that he followed the principles that is said in Ramayana and Mahabharata. He asked the students to follow the Gandhian principles self-respect,discipline,Best education from the school day itself.

Our founder started this institution for spreading the Gandhian principles. We are in a holy place. We should not forget these leaders and also their principles,that is the real tribute to them.

Smt.Aananda valli,Director Besti Institute of Non-Violence Madurai delivered special address. In her special address,she told that today is Sarvodaya day, world Leprosy day and Martyrs day.

Sarvodaya Day represents- love thy neighbour.Martyrs Day- the scarifice of the patriotic leaders. They sacrificed their life with dedication and determination.

Leprosy day represents-kindness to the leprosy people. She remembered the incident of Peters Breg, Railway station in south Africa which made Gandhiji as Mahatma. Gandhiji did not hate the British. He hated the ruling method of British. He used ‘Ahimsa’ and ‘sathyagraha’ as his weapons throughout his life.she asked the students to take the resolution of “Forgive and Forget”. Sri.V.VeeraRaj.HM thanked all.The meeting came to an end with the National Anthem.

REPUBLIC DAY – 26.01.2019

We celebrated the Seventieth Republic Day in our Ashram on 26.01.2019. In the function all the students and teachers of both Higher Secondary and Primary schools, staff-central office participated. Smt.V.Radha, Secretary hoisted our National Flag at 8.45 A.M. After that we all went on a procession raising the slogans like “Vandemadaram”, “Bharath Mathaki Jai”.

The Republic Day Celebration meeting started at 10.00 am in our Auditorium. Prof.Dr.R.Venkataswami ayya president delivered a special message through Skype. He asked the students to possess good habits, moral values and show good performance in Education. Then only you will be the good citizens of India. Students must do service to nation. Teachers must help the students to be good citizens.

Smt.V.Radha delivered her inaugural speech. In her address she delivered that our Ashram Chairman has been awarded “Padma Shri” for his best medical service. We are Proud to work under his guidance. She asked the students to select good leaders to the nation. We must buy the products of our own. Patriotism, Freedom, Equality and No corruption are the values that will produce good citizens. Students must develop the above qualities.

Smt.D.Kavitha B.T.Asst. delivered special speech. In her talk she remembered the sufferings of great freedom fighters-Gandhiji, Muthuvaduga Nathan, Velu Nachiar, Veeran Velu Thambi, V.O.Chidambaranar, Bharathiar etc.

She explained about the quality of Desathma Botham of Vivekananda. That is we should be very bold while doing good deeds. Don’t afraid of anything and anybody. She sang the song of “Achamillai, Achamillai” and asked the students to repeat it.

Sri.V.Veeraraj, HM thanked all. The meeting came to an end with National Anthem.


National youth Day was  celebrated in our school Auditorium on 23.01.2019 at 3.00 PM. The meeting started with the prayer.


Presidential address by our Secretary Smt.V.Radha

            Sri.V.Veeraraj, Headmaster welcomed the gathering. Our  Ashram secretary Smt.V.Radha delivered the presidential address. In her address she talked about Vivekananda’s talk at Chicago on 11th September 1893. That revealed the spirituality of our Hinduism in India. Love peace and mercy are the qualities that we should follow from Vivekanandar.`Sri Swamiji Narayananda Maharaj, Ramakrishna Mission, Coimbatore delivered the Special speech. In his talk he said that he is proud of being an old student of this school. Vivekanandar is a “Brave Sanyasi”.
to reach our goal we must keep on working. Then only our life will fruitful. He asked the students and teachers to read the books of Vivekananda.

Special address by Sri Swamy Narayananda Maharaj

Vote of Thanks by our Primary School HM Smt.R.Parimala

Smt.R.Parimala Headmistress delivered Vote of thanks. The meeting came to an end with the National Anthem.

Our students Prepare the Pongal



Our students collect the Maize

MATTU PONGAL-16.01.2019

We celebrated Mattu(Cow) Pongal in our Ashram Dairy farm. Before celebrate our dairy farm building wall renovated, white washed and decorated for the festival. All the Cattle were washed well and decorated with flowers, sandal and kumkum.


DSC_6083Ko pooja and prayer

Pongal was prepared in the dairy farm after prayer pongal and sugarcane were distributed to the teachers, students and cattle. Our school old students and our staff members participated in this festival.

DR.J.C.KUMARAPPA DAY – 04.01.2019

Dr. J.C.Kumarappa’ s Birthday Anniversary was celebrated in our Ashram on 04.01.2019. there was a special prayer at 6.00 Am in Gandhimandabam. Smt.V.Radha Secretary, Gandhiniketan Ashram all the teachers, hostel students and staff-central office took part in that prayer.

Dr.R.Venktataswami ayya gave special message through skype. In his talk he told that our founder G.Venkatachalapathy was a true devotee to Kumarappaji. Dr.J.C.Kumarappa was a founder of Economic policy, which gave importance to village and Rural development. He also told about Kumarappa’s life style. When Sarthar Patel called him to take the honour of ministership he denied it. He was very much inspired by Gandhian thoughts.


Morning Special Prayer

In our Gandhimandabam he placed Gandhiji statue. Plan for roads and other places in our Ashram was designed by J.C.Kumarappa and our founder G.Venkatachalapathy. We should follow the principles of Kumarappa such as simplicity and village services. That is the real tribute to him.In our Gandhimandabam he placed Gandhiji statue. Plan for roads and other places in our Ashram was designed by J.C.Kumarappa and our founder G.Venkatachalapathy. We should follow the principles of Kumarappa such as simplicity and village services. That is the real tribute to him.

We all gathered at Santhivanam at 9.00 AM for Namasangeerthanam. Then we paid floral tribute to J.C.Kumarappa in his samathi.

Bajan at Santhivan

Floral offering

The Public meeting was conducted at 3.00 PM at Auditorium our Secretary Smt.V.Radha welcomed the gathering. Our Governing body member Dr.V.Ragupathi delivered the presidential address. We have begun this new year with the holy Kumarappa’s birth anniversary. This will be followed by Gandhiji’s (150th Jayanthi) Sesquicentennial, Ashram 80th Anniversary and our Founder 110th Birth Anniversary. He talked about the economical thoughts of J.C.Kumarappa. He also told that J.C.Kumarappa chose our Ashram as a suitable place for him to live in. That is really golden period of our Ashram.

Welcome address by our Secretary

Presidential address by our Governing Body member Dr.V.Ragupathy

Our Governing body Member Smt.P.Thilagavathi delivered special message. In her message she told that J.C.Kuamrappa’s father was Duraisamy and his mother was Esther. He inherited and practised noble qualities from his parents. Gandhiji learnt ‘Upavasam’ from his mother and ‘Sathyagraha’ from his wife Kasthuribai. Gandhian economics, Gandhian politics and thoughts were insisted by kumarappaji. He stayed here for five years. He spent his last days in our Ashram. So our Ashram is a sacred place.

Untitled-1 coaapy
Untitled-1 copy
Sepcial address by our Governing Body Member Smt.P.Thilagavathy

Our Secretary Released the E magazine

Dr.Sankara Ram, Tamil Teacher, Govt. Boys Hr. Sec. School, Sankaran Kovil delivered special speech. He described about organic agriculture and Green Revolution which were initiated by J.C.Kumarappa. He explained “protect nature and save villages” through stories and songs.

Chief Guest Address by Dr.Sankara Ram, Tamil Teacher, Govt. Boys Hr. Sec. School, Sankaran Kovil

Vote of thanks by our HM

         Today our Secretary released the E-Magazine of our School with great pleasure and appreciation. Sri.V.Veeraraj, Headmaster thanked all. The meeting came to an end with the National Anthem.

2018 Events:

THIRUVATHIRAI – 23.12.2018

Thiruvathirai was celebrated at Vinayagar temple in our Ashram. It is our traditional occasion to receive the blessing of  “ Lord Siva ” After our Margali Bhajan our both school HMs, teachers, central – office staff members and hostel students assembled at 7.30 A.M. The Idols of Lord Natarajar and Sivakami Ammal were kept ready for special Pooja.


Abisegams were performed. Our Ashram president Prof. R.Venkataswami Ayya watched this Thiruvathirai through Skype. Finally Kali and Pongal prasadams were distributed to the devotees.