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Christmas Day Celebration- 20.12.2021

Christmas Day was celebrated in our Ashram on 20.12.2021. The meeting started with the prayer. Our Secretary Smt.Dr.V.Geetha welcomed all. Prof.Dr.Semban David delivered special address. In his address he told that Jesus lived till the age of 33 “Love thy neighbor, as themselves” is the message he delivered to all.


Welcome  Address By our Secretary
Presidential Address By Prof.Dr.Semban  David

Sri.Rooban, who accompanied the chief guest performed magic through Magic he asked the students to have good friends, practice habits.


Magic Show By Sri.Rooban
Christmas Message By Poster M.Soloman

Poster M.Soloman Pasumalai also talked students should not have the bad qualities like stealing telling lies, greediness and jealous. We must possess good qualities like love, obedience, truthful and sharing. Jesus was the “Avathar” to fulfill the emptiness in the world.


Selvan Gopikannan XI-E performed as Santa Claus

The meeting came to an end with the National Anthem.

Thiruvathirai Festival 20.12.2021

Thiruvathirai was celebrated at Vinayagar Temple in our Ashram. It is our traditional occasion to receive the blessings from Lord Siva. After our Margali bhajan we all assembled at 6.00 A.M. Lord Natarajar and sivakami Ammal were kept ready for special Pooja .


Abisegams were performed. Our Ashram president prof.Dr.R.Venkatasami Ayya and Dr.Sivarani Amma also watched this Thirivathirai function through online. special Aarathana was performed with different types of deepas. Finally Kazhi and Pongal prasathams were distributed to all.

Thiruvathirai meeting started with the prayer at 9.30 A.M in our Auditorium. Sri.Dr.N.Ramanisekar Governing Body member delivered a talk about “Thiruvathirai”. He told that Lord Shiva’s birth star is Thiru Oonam On Thiruvathirai day the following sacred functions are celebrated.

Vai Hunda Ehadesi, Bhagavath Geetha Jayanthi, Avathar of Thathathreya swamigal, The marriage of Lord Shiva and parvathi, Lord Shiva became Natarajar.

The name Aruthra means “Metal Juice”. Lord Shiva danced in Chithambaram at Kanahasabai in the name of Natarajar.


Special Address By our Ashram Member Dr.S.Ramanisekar

Chenthanar, Lord Siva’s devotee offered food to disciple of shiva daily. Only after that he used to eat. Seeing  this Lord shiva came as a person, he got food from chenthanar. Chenthanar gave Ragi mudde(Kali) from that day onwards kali is given as Prasadam on Thiruvathirai days.

Thiruvathirai  days is celebrated in Kerala in the name of kai kotti kali (women dance in the Thiruvathirai) Lord shiva prayed in the  leaves of ‘vilva’. This type of prayer is equal to Aswa medha yagam. The meeting came to an end with the National Anthem.

Children’s Day – 14.11.2021

We celebrated Nehruji’s 132nd Birth Anniversary as Children’s Day on 14.11.2021 in our school Auditorium. The meeting started with the prayer at 9.00 AM. Smt.Dr.V.Geetha Secretary, Gandhiniketan Ashram welcomed all. Prof.Dr.G.Palanidurai  Honourary member Gandhiniketan Ashram delivered special address through Zoom. In his address he said that we should create awareness among children in politics and society. That is education the principles of Swami Vivekanandar, Gandhiji and Dr.J.C.Kumarappa brought awareness to people.



Welcome address by our Secretary
Special Address by Dr.G.Palanidurai

Our Prime minister Sri.Narendra Modiji created awareness about “Swatch Bharath”. Our chief guest also insisted that everybody must have responsibility to save our nation.

Health and Hygiene is very important for all. He shared his teacher Govindaraj’s teachings in health and hygiene. School plays a vital role in health education. Proper usage of Toilets should be taught in schools. The headmaster and all the teachers are responsible for the welfare of the students.

Teachers must teach social responsibility and create learning interest among students. Today we shall take an oath to full fill the aim of our institution. Sri.M.Nagarajan, Headmaster thanked all. The meeting came to an end with the National Anthem.





Saraswathi Pooja – 14.10.2021

            Saraswathi Pooja was celebrated in our Ashram on 14.10.2021. The bhajan was conducted by our Ashram musical group. Our President Prof.Dr.R.Venkataswami Ayya delivered special message through online. He told that all the teachers should start new era from today.



            Sri.P.JansiRaja B.T.Assitant delivered a talk on “SARASWATHI POOJA”. He narrated the story of Mahisasuran. Mahisasuran got a boon that he would die only by the hands of young women. Saints and Devars in Indira logum suffered a lot by Mahisasuran. They prayed Parasakthi to get relief from Mahisasuran. She got Weapons from Shiva, Vishnu, Vishva Karma, Brahma and Indiran to fight against Mahisasuran.

            The war continued for 9 days. The War’s rule is that after the sunset war must be stopped. After stopping the war at sunset they prayed the dolls considering them as Goddess. This is how the “Golu” was started.  On the tenth day of war Parasakthi killed Mahisasuran. That day is Vijaya Dhasami.

            We pray Durga in first three days, Lakshmi in second three days and Saraswathi in the last three days of Navarathiri. We too prayed for our good health and wealth. After the Pooja Prasadam was distributed to all.

Ashram Opening Day – 12.10.2021

          Our Gandhi Niketan Ashram was established on 12th October 1940, by our founder G.Venkatachalapathy Ayya. It was opened by Sarthar Vetha Rathinam Pillai. We remembered that day.

        The special prayer was conducted at Manimandapam at 6.00 A.M. Our Ashram President Prof.Dr.R.Venkataswami Ayya talked through online. In his talk he remembered the day. Our Ashram is a sacred place. Before independence it was a training place for the patriotic leaders. After independence our founder gave importance for education to village students. It will help them to prepare themselves in this competitive world.


Morning Special Prayer at Manimandabam

When Ko.Ve was in the prison at Trichy he met a life sentenced prisoner “DUTH”. asked him, “Being an accused in the prison you are bold and majestic, How is it possible?”, DUTH replied that he got that boldness from his Guru(school teacher). Suddenly Ko.Ve understood that the prisoner also remembers and recognizes his teacher. He also wanted to became a teacher after three years. His motive was service to the villagers.


Special Address by our President

The principal CSI Training institute Lalbeer an English man asked him why he wanted to become a Teacher? He replied that “I want to send out the English people like you from India”. Our president also told that Today is a memorable day. We should do our duties with faith and dedication. Then only we can produce good Students good citizens with moral values like discipline and self-respect in the society. After the prayer we paid a floral tribute to founder’s Samathi. Then we all gathered before the statues of our founder and Gandhiji and paid a floral tribute.

The public meeting started at 3.00 pm in our auditorium with the prayer. Our Ashram Secretary Dr.V.Geetha welcomed all. Smt.Dr.B.Chitra Governing body member delivered the presidential address. In her address she wished all the students to get success in their life. Smt.Kavitha Jawahar speaker (Pattimandram) delivered special address.  This is the special day that we have to think our founder’s dedication  and hardwork. He had good friends like Narayanasamy Mariappa Nadar etc. He learnt many moral values from their friends. We should have such good friends. Students must have great faith towards their teachers.

Untitled-1 copy

Welcome address by our Ashram Secretary

Dr.A.P.J Abdul Kalam a muslim became a learned personality by a Hindu Siva Subramania Iyer and Solomon Ayya Durai a christran. We understand the national integration. She felt ashamed of the incident of Gandhiji’s train journey at Pieter maritz burg. Students must be honest like Mohammed Asif, Third standard student. His needs put him in the text book, II standard. We should treat our fathers as heroes. Our Mothers as heroines. The film actors are not real. She advised to do meditation daily.

Presidential address Dr.Chitra
Special address by Smt. Kavitha Jawahar

Smt.Kavitha Jawahar quoted Gandhiji’s simplicity, Ahimsa and Sathyam from his autobiography. She metioned our founder G.Venkatachalapathy Ayya’s prayer in Goplaswami Temple for others.

            In Tamil Ko- means great leader, King. He was really a great leader, we must read his biography. We must follow the great leaders Gandhiji and Ko.Ve to become good citizens.  Smt.Muthumari HM thanked all. The meeting came to an end with the national Anthem.


Untitled-1 copy


In our ashram campus, we have started to celebrate the NAVARATHRI festival from the 5th of October 2021 in a big hall that is at the back of our central library. The Navarathri celebration was initiated by the Kumbam ceremony where a Kumbam is placed to get the divine energy of the three Devis. The ceremony was attended by our honourable chairman – Dr. Venkatasamy and our secretary – Dr. Geetha. We also arranged a GOLU by placing a 9 steps stage with all the idols of Hindu gods and statues of saints, leaders, animals etc, where the first step was adorned by the idols of the three goddesses – LAKSHMI, SARASWATHI AND SAKTHI. The festival is being continued by doing pooja after 3 pm and will be lasting for 9 days. Students from classes 9 and 10 are invited with their class teachers to attend the function. The event is successfully organized by the cultural committee of primary school. Every day one of the staff members delivers a spiritual speech related to Navarathri. At the end of the event, everybody is provided with prasadham, which was offered to the three goddesses. And this year, “mulaippari “one of our Tamil traditions was specially added to the celebration.

GANDHI JAYANTHI – 02.10.2021

Gandhi  Jayanthi was celebrated on October 2nd in our Ashram. The special prayer was conducted at 6.00 A.M. in our Gandhimandabam. After the Prayer our Ashram President prof.Dr.R.Venkataswami Ayya delivered special message through online. In his talk he told that our founder G.Venkatachalapathy Ayya was a great devotee of Gandhiji. Our Institution was blessed by Gandhiji. So our institution was blessed by Gandhiji. So our institution gives more importance to Gandhian Principled.


Special prayer at Gandhimandabam

Gandhiji was working as a teacher at phoenix farm in South  Africa. He gave priority to the slow learners and worked hard for the improvement of them. We are also following this principle in our institution.


Special Message by our Ashram President

We have to read the auto biography of Gandhiji “My Experiments with Truth”. Everybody should know “Gandhian thought”. We should follow the qualities of Truthfulness. Kindness forwards all and work with dedication. We should be the role model for the students. He also remember former prime minister Lalbhahathur Sastri.



Floral Tribute

After that we gathered before Gandhiji’s statue. Sri.Dr.N.Ramanisekar, Governing body member sang  “Vaishnava Janatho” song. Our Ashram Secretary Smt.Dr.V.Geetha talked about Gandhiji favorite manthra “Rama”. She quoted from kavi chakravarthi kambar’s poem.

“நன்மையும் செல்வமும் நாளும் நல்குமே

    தின்மையும் பாவமும் சிதைந்து தேயுமே

    சென்மமும் மரணமும் இன்றித் தீருமே

    இம்மையே இராம என்ற இரண்டெழுத்தினால்”


Special address by our Secretary

In continuation of Gandhi Jayanthi a meeting was conducted at 3.00 pm in auditorium on 04.09.2021 with prayer Sri.Dr.N.Ramani sekar, Govering body member delivered a talk about Gandhiji’s connection with our institution. Gandhiji’s true disciples-Babu Rajendra Prasad. J.C.Kumarappa and Vinobaji became close to our founder G.Venkatachalapathy Ayya. Gandhiji’s constructive plans were implemented by Kumarappa along with our founder G.Venkatachalapathy Ayya in our Ashram during the period 1953 to 1957. Because of Kumarappa’s great effort our founder laid Gandhi mandapam. Gandhiji estabilished an Ashram in “Vardha”. There he give importance to “Shram Dhan”  dignity of labour.


Special Address by our Ashram Governing Body Member Dr.N.Ramanisekar

Gandhiji also gave importance to basic education with vocational education. “Gandhia Bhatsham” was also conducted in those days. Through these Gandhian principles, dramas about freedom movements, constructive plans of Gandhiji were spread in villages. Sri.Ramanisekar presented his own lyric “Meendum Vendum Gandhiji”. The meeting came to an end with the National Anthem.


English Workshop means group of students meet together to improve their skill in English. Our school English department conducted English workshop for ix std on 25.09.21 at 3.00 PM. The workshop started with the prayer Smt.S.Abirami  P.G.Asst. Welcomed all. Sri.M.Nagarajan HM delivered inaugural address. In his address he asked the students to participate in these types of activities and express their own ideas and skills. It is a platform for improving our knowledge.



Presidential address by our HM

After that language games started. The games were followed as such kinds of Nouns conducted by Sri.V.Rajesh B.T Asst. with 14 participants; parts of speech – conducted by Sri.R.Ayyanar B.T Asst.  13 students took part in it. The next two games formation of related works and scrambled letters were conducted by Smt.J.Krishnadeepa B.T.Asst. with 15 participants. Smt.R.Raksakthi B.T.Asst. Conducted work building game in which 12 students took part.

DSC_0871 DSC_0881


Prizes were distributed to the winners and participants by the Headmaster and the faculties of English department Sri.P.JansiRaja B.T. Asst. thanked all. The workshop came to an end with the National Anthem.

Vinobha Day- 11.09.2021

Every year September 11th is celebrated as Vinobaji’s birth Anniversary. Bharathiar’s remembrance day is also observed on this day. Today we celebrated Vinobaji’s birth Anniversary in our Ashram.

Our Ashram President Prof.Dr.R.Venkataswami ayya delivered presidential address through Zoom. He told that Vinobaji was a great person(Mahaan). He stayed two days in our Ashram. He was the father of “Bhoomi Dhan”. He had a very good relationship with our founder. He made people to donate lands and distribute to the needy people.

WhatsApp Image 2021-09-11 at 10.05.21 AM(1)

Welcome address by our President Prof.Dr.R.Venkataswami

Our President ayya introduced our Chief guest Padmashri, Padma Bhoosan Awardee Krishnammal Jegannathan, Who was responsible for distributing 15,000 Acres of land to the Harijan people in Tanjaore. Her husband Jeganathan also take  part in many freedom movements. She is the suitable person to speak today.

Then the Chief Guest Krishnammal Jegannathan Amma delivered special address. In her address she showed the photo of Vinobaji’s hand written copyof message. Vinobaji’s brothers also helped him to take part in the freedom movements. By the time in Telungana and Bangaladesh freedom struggles were started.


Special Address by Smt.Krishnammal Jeganathan

She called our founder G.Venkatachalapathy ayya as her brother. Her husband Jegannathan activity participated in the Gram Swaraj movement with our founder. In 1953 Vinobaji came to Tamilnadu he travelled only by walk throughout the country. Her husband Jegannathan was appointed as the President of Tamilnadu Bhoomi Dhan Movement. Nirmala Desh Pandea was appointed as President of Delhi Harijan welfare movement. She wrote books about Vinobaji.

She also shared the memorable times with Vinobaji. They used to walk 9 KM per day. Vinobaji got up 2.30 P.M. regularly. He studied “Bahgavat gita and “Aadhi Sankarar’s upanyas” . “Bhaja govindam” is the main manthra of Vinobaji. She was holding Hurricanelamp during their travel.

There was a big conference at Kanchipuram in 1953. Kamarajar, G.Venkatachalapathy ayya Organised Gram Rajyam troops in villages and made the conference successful. Even after the death of Gandhiji, Vinobaji continued his Boomidhan movement. In this day we should remember his memorable service. Our Ashram Secretary Smt.Dr.V.Geetha Thanked all. The meeting came to an end with the National Anthem.

Vinayagar Chathurthi- 10-09.21

Vinayagar Chathurthi was celebrated in our Ashram on 10.09.2021. Sri. Kadambarajan and his group sang “Vinayagar Songs”. Smt.S.Abirami delivered a talk about “Vinayagar Chathurthi”. Vinayagar is called ny many names like Gajapathy, Ganapathy, Kabilan, Skantha poorvajan, mooshiga Vaahan, Selva Ganapathy, Vigneshwar, Dhoomakethu, Raja Ganapathy etc.

Untitled-1 copy

Special address by our English Teacher Smt.S.Abirami

Vinayagar Chathurthi was started by Marathi emperor “Shivaji”. This celebration was brought by Thilagar to the southern side. These celebrations helped the national leaders to lead freedom movements against the British. It also helped for national integration.

            Lord Murugan has six abodes. Similarly Lord Vinayaga also has 6 abodes (Aaru padai veedu).

  1. Thiruvannamalai – Allal Pokkum Vinayagar – God who gives relief from sorrows
  2. Aazhathu Pillaiyar – We must pray God deeply
  3. Thirukadayur – Nalla Vahana Vinayagar – give good wishes
  4. Madurai – Siddi Vinayagar – fulfills wishes
  5. Pillaiyarpatti – Karpaga Vinayagar – the God of wisdom and the remover of obstacles.
  6. Thirunaraiyur – Polla Vinayagar – Suyambu Vinayagar who gives Art, freedom and Love.

Vinayagar asked Avvaiyar to write “Vinayagar Agaval “. She also explained one of our Prayer songs.

Tvameva mata cha
Pita Tvameva!
Tvameva bandhush cha
Sakha tvameva!!
Tvameva vidya
Dravinam tvameva!
Tvameva sarvam
Mama Deva deva!!

Let us also pray Vinayaga on this auspicious day and get blessed.

Teacher’s Day – 05.09.2021

       Dr.Radhakrishnan, Former president of India was born on 5th September. We celebrate his birthday as Teachers day every year. Teacher’s Day was celebrated in our school on 05.09.2021. the meeting started with the prayer at 9.00 AM in our Auditorium. Our Ashram President Prof.Dr.R.Venkataswami Ayya felicitated the   teachers.

Untitled-1 copy
Felicitation address by our President
Special address by our Teacher Smt.Saroja

    Smt.S.Saroja, Teacher Delivered special address. She told that Teacher- ஆசிரியர்=ஆசு+இரியர் = குற்றம் களைபவா். Teacher is the one who rectifies the mistakes and does the duties for the society. Dr.Radhakrishnan had the qualities of Dedication, Sincerity, Punctuality, Self-confidence, Determination and Spirituality. So all the students loved him. He was well known for Indian philosophy to all over the world.

     He got “Doctorate” from 62 Universities. He was appointed as Ambassador for Russia and UNESCO. He attracted the students by his teaching. He was appointed as Vice Chancellor for Universities of Andra Pradesh and Banaras. Many universities prescribed his creations as text books.

         Our Founder G.Venkatachalapathy was also a teacher in the village. Because of his dedication, patriotism and village service he got many higher positions in the state government. She also read out one lyric about teachers in the name of “Saraswathi”. We should take a Oath to work like both the leaders said above in this memorable day.


Presidential address by our secretary Dr.V.Geetha

    Smt.Geetha Secretary, Gandhiniketan Ashram delivered presidential address. Students come to us as clay. We have to mould them with our motivation, creativity, hard work, devotion, discipline and spirituality. She quoted Matha, Pitha, Guru, Theivam. Guru is portrayed before God.

       Today is the birthday of Dr.Radhakrishnan and V.O.Chidambaranar. The leaders are known for their spirituality and discipline. We have to create good students to build good nation. The meeting came to an end with the National Anthem.

School Reopening-01.09.2021

IMG20210901091857 2021-22 ஆம் கல்வி ஆண்டில்  9,10,11 மற்றும் 12 ஆம் வகுப்பு மாணவா்களுக்கு மட்டும் இன்று முதல் பள்ளிகள் திறக்கப்பட்டன. நமது பள்ளியில் முதலில் பிராா்த்தனை மற்றும் தலைவா் ஐயா ஆசியுரையுடன் கோவிட்19 வழிகாட்டு நெறிமுறைகளுடனும் வகுப்புகள் தொடங்கப்பட்டன.

In Service Training Programme – 31.08.2021

The training was conducted on 31st August 2021 for all the teachers of Gandhiniketan Ashram in our Auditorium. The training started with prayer. Sri.M.Nagarajan HM welcomed all.

Our Ashram President Prof.Dr.R.Venkataswami ayya addressed the gathering through Skype. He asked the teachers to discuss the following points-planning, dress code, discipline, personal hygiene, positive thoughts, identify the talents of the students, punctuality, usage of libraries, good values, preparation for teaching in the class etc.


Special address by our President

Smt.Dr.V.Geetha Secretary, Gandhiniketan Ashram felicitated all the teachersfor this academic year. Sri.V.Muthumari HM thanked all.

Then the teachers were divided into subject groups and they discussed about the progress of the students in their respective subjects. After the tea break all the points discussed were reported by their head of the departments.


After the lunch break various committee meetings began at 2.00 P.M. the committees are environment committee, Village Committee, discipline committee, Health and sanitation committee, Canteen Committee, Cultural Committee, Agricultural Committee, homework Checking committee and Web committee. The activities of each committee were discussed and reports were submitted to the Headmaster. The session ended at 4.30 P.M.

Krishna Jayanthi-30.08.2021

Krishna Jayanthi was celebrated in our Ashram on 30.08.2021 at 9.00 am in our Auditorium. Sri.Kadambarasan and his group conducted Bajans on Lord Krishna.

Untitled-1 copy


Smt.P.Thilagavathi, Governing Body Member GNA delivered a talk about Krishna. She talked about  “Guruvayur” Krishnan. She explained the different roles played by Krishna from our epics. She also explained the beauty of Duvaraga.


Special Address by our Governing body member Smt.P.Thilagavathi

She told Kula Sekara Azhwar was Lord Krishna’s generation. Lord Krishna preached “Bhagavat Gita”  from Bhagavat Gita everybody can learn all the best things.

  1. கடமையைச் செய் பலனை எதிர்பாராதே

Do you duty, don’t expect reward

  1. எது நடந்ததோ அது நன்றாகவே நடந்தது

எது நடக்கிறதோ அது நன்றாகவே நடக்கிறது

எது நடக்கப் போகிறதோ அதுவும் நன்றாகவே நடக்கும்.

What ever happened it went well

What happens is also good

What will happen will also be good.

  1. எந்த வேலையும் இழிவானது அல்ல.

All professions deserve equal respect it.

Remembers Gandhiji’s thought Lawyer and cobbler are equal.

  1. அனைவரையும் நேசி

முகநக நட்பது நட்பன்று நெஞ்சத்து

அகநக நட்பது நட்பு.

We will friendly to all the people in the worls.

  1. Serving people is serving God

மக்கள் சேவையே மகேசன் சேவை

We have to follow the above principles of “Bhagavat Gita”. We should help the students to become good citizens with noble qualities. Sri.M.Nagarajan HM thanked all.

75th Independence Day-15.08.2021

75th Independence day was celebrated in our Gandhiniketan Ashram on 15.08.2021. Our Ashram secretary Smt. Dr.V.Geetha hoisted our National Flag. Theme was a public meeting at 9.15A.m in our Auditorium followed by the prayer.


Flag Hoisting and Independence day Message by our Secretary

Our Governing body member Dr.V.Ragupathi welcomed all. In his welcome address, he told that in 1940. Our Ashram was the training centre for the freedom fighters. At that time our founder was 37 years old. He went to prison for participating in quit India movement in 1942. Leaders like our founder sacrificed a lot for the freedom of our nation.

Welcome address by our Governing Body Member Prof.Dr.V.Ragupathi

Presidential Address by our Secretary Dr.V.Geetha

Our secretary Smt.Dr.V.Geetha delivered the presidential address. In her address she told that the teachers should possess the qualities of unity, tolerance and team spirit. Teachers must be the role model for the students. Teachers can mould the students as  good citizens. So our founder chose his career as teacher. Our Ashram founder G.Venkatachalapathy ayya always told “Best school does not mean good infrastructure. It must possess good students and good teachers”.



Special Address by Prof.Dr.G.Palanidurai,( Rtd. ) Gandhigram University

In his special address Prof.Dr.Palanidurai Governing body member, Gandhiniketan Ashram mentioned the qualities like patriotism social obedience, dedication, good education, thinking for integration and humanity. With all these qualities the teachers can produce good citizens.


Our Headmaster Sri.M.Nagarajan thanked all. The meeting came to an end with the National Anthem.

Ashram Founder G.Venkatachalapathy Ayya’s 112th Birth Anniversary and 82nd  Anniversary of Gandhiniketan Ashram-30.07.2021 – (ஆண்டுவிழா)

Our Founder G.Venkatachalapathy Ayya’s 112th Birth Anniversary and 82nd  Anniversary of Gandhiniketan Ashram was celebrated in our Ashram on 30.07.2021. A special prayer was conducted in Gandhi Mandapam at 6.00 A.M.


After the prayer our Ashram President Prof.Dr.R.venkataswami ayya delivered special message through skype. In his talk he told that N.M.R.Subbaraman, the Former, Administrative Officer of our Ashram announced that 30th July must be celebrated as Founder’s birthday and Ashram’ s Anniversary.


Special Prayer at Gandhimandabam 

        Special Message by our President

Our Founder was a versatile Personality. When he was studying in C.S.I. Teacher Training Institute, Pasumalai his teacher Lalbeer who was an English man asked our founder “Why do you want to become a teacher”? our Founder replied that he wanted to quit the British from India. Lalbeer appreciated his boldness and determination.

Ashram President also told teachers are sculptures. Teachers should engrave the students and create good citizens to build our nation. That pledge should be taken in this auspicious day.


Ashram flag hoisted by our chief guest Dr.So.So.Meenakshisundaram

At 8.45 A.M. we all gathered at Rajendra Prasad Square   Prof. So. So. Meenakshi Sundaram hoisted our Ashram flag. Our Ashram musical group conducted bhajan in Shanthivanam at 9.00 Am after that we all paid floral tribute to founder’s Samathi and Founder’s Statue.

DSC_07381Bhajan at Shanthivan




Floral offering at Santhivan
Floral offering at Santhivan

DSC_08881111Floral offering at Founder’s statue

The public meeting started in our Auditorium at 10.15 A.M. with prayer Our Ashram Treasurer Sri.N.Shanmugasundaram, welcomed all. Our Ashram Secretary Smt.Dr.V.Geetha presented the Annual Report.



Welcome address by our Treasurer
Ashram Annual Report Presented by our Ashram Secretary

Our Ashram President Prof.Dr.R.Venkataswami Ayya delivered the presidential address he mentioned the services of our founder G.Venkatachalapathy Ayya to the nation Mahathma Gandhiji wrote in his magazine “Harijan” about the village development Services of our Founder. Founder’s five year plan was appreciated by all the leaders and that led him to appoint as Joint Secretary to government . Our president asked the teachers to work more, following our founder.

Presidential Address by our President Prof.Dr.R.Venkataswami

Founder’s Oration by our chief guest Prof.So.So.Meenakshisundaram

The chief guest Prof.So.So.Meenakshi Sundaram delivered Founder’s Oration speech. In his talk he told some important incidents about Ko.Ve. when Ko.Ve.was at Alipoor Prison with Vaithianatha Iyer and Sa.Ganesan, Vaithiyanatha Iyer taught Bhagavat Gita, Ganesan taught Kamban Literature and Founder taught Thirukkural. They made prison as treasury.

Our chief guest compared our Founder to Ramana Mahaarishi. At the last stage of Ramana Maharishi’s mother he sang Thiruvasagam similarly our founder sang “Rama Namam” at his mother’s last stage.

When Gandhiji had to stay at Soolakkarai medu, our Founder engaged Gandhiji (in 1930-31) with this attractive talk. That was appreciated by Kumarasamy Raja, Kamarajar and T.S.Rajan. Bharathiyar wrote a small book called “Gnana Ratham. Our Founder started mobile Library in that great name “Gnana Ratham”. The chief guest felicitated our institution with the blessings of our Founder.

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“Voice of Gandhiniketan -E-magazine Released by Our Governing Body Member Dr.V.Ragupathi

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Prize Distribution by Our Governing Body Member Smt.P.Thilagavathi

“Voice of Gandhiniketan”- E-Magazine was released by our Governing body member Dr.V.Ragupathy. Prizes were distributed to all the staff members of Gandhiniketan Ashram by our Ashram Governing body member Smt.P.Thilagavathi.


Vote of Thanks by our HM

Our Hr. Sec. School HM Sri.M.Nagarajan delivered vote of thanks. The meeting came to an end with the National Anthem.

காந்திநிகேதன் ஆசிரம விநாயகர் கோவில் குடமுழுக்கு

(Gandhiniketan Ashram Vinayagar Kovil Consecration) -16.07.2021


Education Development Day- 15.07.2021

(Kamarajar Birthday)

Every year 15th July Kamarajar’s birth anniversary is being celebrated as education development day. We also celebrated in our school on 15-07-2021. The meeting started with the prayer at 3.45pm in our auditorium. Sri.M.Nagarajan HM welcomed all Smt.Dr.V.Geetha secretary GNA delivered the presidential address. In her address she talked about the relationship between kamarajar and our founder G.Venkatachalapathy Ayya. Both were very much interested in the village development.

Presidential address by our Secretary
Special address by our English Teacher

Smt.J.Krishnadeepa BT.Asst. delivered a talk about Kamarajar. She talked about the noble qualities of Kamarajar like truthfulness, honesty, simplicity, leadership quality, political intelligence, patriotic spirit etc. She also shared Kamarajar’s memorable incidents in his life. Smt.Muthumari HM thanked all. The meeting came to an end with the national anthem.

Founder Rememberance Day  -13.06.2021

Our Gandhi Niketan Ashram Founder G. Venkatachalapathy Ayya’s 52nd Rememberance Day was observed on 13.06.21 through zoom. The meeting started with a prayer. After the prayer our Ashram president Padmashri Dr. R. venkatasami Ayya delivered the rememberance day message through skype. In his talk he told that our founder served a lot in various fields. He was a freedom fighter, orator, writer and teacher. He worked also for village people and particularly Harijans. Gandhiji appreciated our Founder’s service in his magazine “Harijan”.

Before Independence our founder initiated 5 years plan. He established this plan in schools. He established this plan in schools. He was an inborn teacher. He firmly believed that Education is the only way helps to reform nation.

When he was working as District Board President he established many schools. His main motive is to generate good students. So we must work according to our Founder’s wish. That is the real tribute to him.

After that we paid a floral tribute to Founder’s samathi and statue.

Farewell to Retired Teachers-19.02.2021

Sri.Dr.N.Ramanisekar and Selvi K.M.Shanthi worked as teachers in our prestigious school for more than 30 years. They retired in the academic year 2020-21. The Farewell meeting for the above two teachers started with a Prayer in Auditorium on19.02.2021at 3.30 PM. Sri.M.Nagarajan HM welcomed all.



Welcome address by our HM
Special Message by our Ashram President


Presidential Address by our Secretary
Felicitation address by our PG Teacher Smt.S.Abirami

Padmashri Dr.R.Venkataswami Ayya President Gandhiniketan Ashram delivered special speech through skype. In his talk he appreciated both the teachers for tremendous and dedicated service. Dr.N.Ramanisekar B.T.Asst. is a versatile personality, he deserved both State and National Award for best teacher. Now he is appointed as honorary member to our Ashram.



Felicitation address by our BT Teacher Sri.S.Poomari
Felicitation address by our BT Teacher Smt.J.Krishnadeepa

Selvi.K.M.Shanthi, Vocational Teacher (Agri) is also dedicated and kind teacher. She is the only teacher who sent many students to professional colleges. Many Veterinarians are helping our Dairy farm because of her. Our President wished both the teachers for happy and healthy retired life.


Our Ashram secretary Dr.V.Geetha honoured the retired teachers and presented the momentum and delivered the Presidential address. She congratulated both the teachers in her lyric.


Acceptance by Dr.N.Ramanisekar
Acceptance by Selvi K.M.Shanthi

Smt.S.Abirami P.G. English, Sri.S.Poomari B.T.Asst., Smt.J.Krishnadeepa B.T.Asst., and Sri.T.Rajkumar AHM also felicitated the retired teachers. Sri.P.Subburaj AHM thanked all. The meeting came to an end with the National Anthem.


Vote of Thanks by our AHM Sri.P.Subburaj

Sarvodaya Day

Gandhiji and Dr.J.C.Kumarappa’s Remembrance Day (30.01.2021)

We observed Gandhiji and Dr.J.C.Kumarappa’s Remembrance Day on 30.01.2021. Today is Gandhiji’s 73rd and Dr.J.C.Kumarappa’s 61st Remembrance day. A Special prayer was conducted in our Gandhimandapam at 6.00 A.M. our Ashram President Prof.Dr.R.Venkataswami Ayya delivered Special Message through conference.



Gandhiji and his disciple J.C.Kumarappa died on the same day. Both the leaders taught us how a man should lead a life. They expressed their individuality in their life style. Mother’s words are ‘Manthras’ to both of them.


Ashram President ayya also shared the livelihood unselfish experience of Gandhiji and J.C.Kumarappa. Tagore called Gandhiji as ‘Mahathma’ because of his truthfulness. Though Netaji chose different way in the freedom struggle, he called Gandhiji as “Father of Nation”.

J.C.Kumarappa spent five years in our Ashram During that time many great patriotic leaders arrived here. It became a sacred place because of that. Teachers and students are very proud to work and serve here so we have to do our duties regularly and sincerely.





Then we conducted a prayer in Kumarappa’s Kudil and paid a Floral tributes in Kumarappa’s Samathi and Founder’s Samathi. Then we all gathered before Founder’s statue. After the prayer we paid a Floral Tribute in Founder’s Statue and Gandhiji’s Statue.

Republic Day-26.01.2021

We celebrated 72nd Republic Day in our Gandhiniketan Ashram on 26.01.2021 Smt.Dr.V.Geetha , Secretary  Gandhiniketan Ashram hoisted   our National Flag and talked about the patriotic leaders.



Flag hoisting by our Secretary
Special Message by our secretary

The meeting started at 9.30 Am in our Auditorium with the prayer Ashram Secretary Smt.Dr.V.Geetha Welcomed the gathering and talked about the importance of the Republic.


Guests on the daise 
Welcome address by our Secretary 

Dr.Palanidurai Rtd.Prof. Political Science Department, Gandhigram Rural University delivered the presidential address through Zoom. In his address he told that our institution is a historical place. Teachers and students are very gifted to work here. We must salute the patriotic leaders of the nation as well as the great leaders, who built this institution. Teachers and students should be good citizens. They must know their responsibility in the school and also in society.

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Presidential address by Dr.Palanidurai, Prof.(Rtd), Gandhigram Rural University

   Vote of Thanks by our Hr.Sec.School HM

We have to maintain health in our body, soul and the society. We have to share the ideas to our friends also. Ashram means a place of creating great leaders. Education must preach the individual health along with common health. Every student must take an oath to practice Gandhian principles and maintain sanitation everywhere. We must not get money for voting in election. Then only we can elect good person.

Sri.M.Nagarajan HM thanked all. The meeting came to an end with the national Anthem.

Mattu Pongal-15.01.2021

Ko Pooja

YOUTH DAY-12.01.2021



Presidential Address by our Secretary
Special Address by our Science Teacher Sri.S.Muralikrishnan

Dr.J.C.Kumarappa Day-04.01.2021


Floral offering