Builders of the institution

Remembering the great personalities who gave their best to the Gandhiniketan Ashram

Over the decades following 1940, our founder involved several selfless men & Woman who participated in building the institution. Notable among them were A.Vaithiyanathalyyar, N.M.R.Subbaraman, Dr.T.S.S.Rajan, R.GuruswamyNadar, K.Arunachallam, Thavasi Naidu, R.V.GuruSamy, K.Muniyandi, Ms.Meenakshiammal and Ms.Manomaniammal, Dr.G.Ramachandran and Dr.SoundaramRamachandran.
A VaithyanathaIyyar and N.M.R.subbaramanwre mentors for the Founder in 1930’s & 1940’s. They were the guiding stars for the founding of the Ashram. Sri N.M.R.Subbraman was the president of GNA for several years and guided the institution. crowd
Thiru A.VaithyanathaIyyar
Thiru N.M.R.Subbaraman

From the local community, NatesanChettiyar, VelluChettiyar and Krishnan Servai gave strong support. crowd
Nadesan Chettiyar

Dr.T.S.S.Rajan of Trichy laid the foundation stone for the ashram on 28.04.1940. He was the one who Planted the seed of Nationalism in our founder when he was a student of National college Trichy.Dr.T.S.S.Rajan laid the foundation stone on 28thApril. crowd

SardarVedarathinamPillai declared open the ashram on 12th October, 1940. The Ashram will always remember their selfless services. crowd

G.Ramachandran a great gandhian, christened the Ashram as Gandhiniketan Ashram. Dr.SoundaramRamachandran was like a elder sister to our founder. All through her life she gave unstinted support to our founder. crowd
Thiru G.Ramachandran and Dr.Soundaram Ramachandran

In 1947, when the founder was called to undertake Madras state Level Rural Reconstruction programme by the then Chief Minister O.P.RamasamyReddiyar, the Founder invited his old time friend and jail mate R.GurusamyNadar from virudhunagar. His contribution to the stability and consolidation of the ashram is commendable. Mr.R.Guruswamy spent the rest of his old time after 1947 at the Ashram, and is one of the most notable and laudable figures. crowd

K.Arunachalam, a valuable guide and a colleague of our Founder, gave his service as Chairman of the Ashram for a number years, His contribution to the growth of the Ashram was very valuable and significant. Thavasi Naidu (a trusted Gandhian and friend of the Founder), was one of the most simple, humble and ever willing person to work for the Ashram. For him, the Founder was everything, and he gave almost his entire life to the Ashram. crowd
Sri.Thavasi Naidu

R.V.Guruswamy was one of the earliest associates of our Founder and made a vital contribution in developing the Leather Industry at the Ashram along with Mr.Kathirvel from 1940 onwards. Their contribution to the Ashram was Commendable. crowd
Sri Kathirvel

K.MuniyandiSacrificed his lucrative career in the education department and dedicated himself in the service of the Ashram throughout his life.Mr.K.Munniyandi as president and secretary of this Ashram gave his life to the betterment of this Ashram for several years. He connected this Ashram to the neighbouring village and did yomen service.He was the first headmaster of our school and gave a good Shape to its activities. crowd

Mrs.Meenakshiammal, our founder’s life partner stood by our founder in his ashram activitiesIn the foundering days of the Ashram she along with Thavasi Naidu looked after the ashram the Ashram. when this founder was in British Jails and later she was a president of the ashram over a decade and did yomenservice to Ashram. crowd

Thiru.V.Selvaraj a writer, educationalist and a Gandhian served the Ashram for a number of years. He was a great admirer of our founder and the Ashram owes its gratitude to him for the brilliant exposition of our founder’s life through his book “ Thonder KO-VE”. crowd

Gandhiniketan Ashram is a society registered under the Tamil Nadu Societies Registration Act in the year 1956 by Dr. J.C. Kumarappa. It has reputed men and women drawn from various walks of life on its governing body. They work in a purely honorary capacity. crowd