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Christmas Day Celebration- 23.12.2022

                We celebrated Christmas in our Ashram on 23-12-2022 in our Auditorium. The meeting started with the prayer. Smt.Dr.V.Geetha  Secretary Gandhi Niketan G.V.Schools, welcomed all.


       Special message by Pastor Sri.T.G.Solomon              Felicitation address by Prof.Dr.Sembon Davidson

Prof. Dr.Sembon Davidson wished all the Students and teachers. Smt. Reeta Solomon. Principal, Nursing college, Madurai presented a lyric about ”Mary Matha”. Sri.Rooban, Member God’s Ambassador Ministry, Madurai performed magic show.


                        Magic show presented by Sri.Rooban
Santa claus


Sri.T.G.Solomon, Pastor, Vazhvin Varthaigal Thirusabai, Madurai delivered Christmas day message. In his talk he described the words Ratchagan –Saver, Immanuvel – One who always with us and Christmas – The God will come near to us. Selvan.P.Deenadayalan, VII –A  disguised as “ Santa claus “. Sri.M.Nagarajan HM thanked all. The meeting came to an end with the National Anthem. 

Children’s Day Celebration- 14.11.2022

                We celebrated the children’s day – the birth anniversary of Former Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. The meeting Started at 3.00p.m in the Auditorium with the prayer.


Presidential address by our School Secretary

Sri.M.Nagarajan H.M welcomed all.  Smt Dr.V.Geetha, Secretary, Gandhi Niketan Schools wished all  the Students and talked about Nehruji’s saying “The children of today will make the India of tomorrow”. Nehruji always emphasized children’s rights, care and education. She also talked about “ Father to his daughter –a collection of letters  written by Jawaharlal Nehru to his daughter Indira. Religion and Science are the two main themes discussed by Nehru in these letters. she asked the students to read this collection.

                Smt.S.Renuga Devi P.G.Asst talked about the life history of Jawaharlal Nehru . The meeting came to an end with the National Anthem.

Ashram Opening Day -12-10-2022

Our Gandhi Niketan Ashram was established on 12th October 1940, by our founder G.Venkatachalapathy Ayya. It was opened by Sarthar vetha rathinam pillai. We remembered that day.

The special prayer was conducted at Manimandapam at 6.00 A.M. Our Ashram President Prof.Dr.R.Venkataswami Ayya talked through online.
He talked about the boldness of our Founder. When our founder G.VenkatachalapathyAyya was a student in C.S.I Teacher training Institute ,Principal Sri. Lalbeer, an English man asked him, why he wanted to become a teacher? “I want to send out the English people like you from India”.

Our chairman Ayya also told that today is a memorable day. We should do our duties with faith and dedication, Then only we can produce good students, good citizens with moral values like discipline and self respect in the society. Our service to students is considered to be the service to God.

Namasangeerthanam at Santhivanam
Prayer at Gandhiji’s Statue

After that we all gathered in shanthivanam at 9.00 A.M. Namasangeerthanam was conducted by our Ashram group. After that we paid a floral tribute to Founder’s samathi, Gandhiji’s statue and Founder’s statue.

Gandhi  Jayanthi(2.10.2022)

 Gandhi Jayanthi was celebrated in our Ashram on 2.10.22 The  Special prayer was conducted at 6.00 A.M in Gandhimandapa. After the prayer  Prof.Dr.R.VenkatasamiAyya president Gandhi Niketan Ashram delivered special message through skype. In his talk he talked about the promise of Gandhiji that was given to his mother when he went to London.


Special message by our Ashram President

Our chairman Ayya also talked about the basic education which was experimented by Gandhiji in south Africa. Our Ashram Founder G.Vekatachalapathy Ayya established this Ashram before independence in order to full fill the scheme of Basic Education. We are implementing basic education in the form of Agriculture work and cleaning the surroundings. He mentioned the importance of wearing khadi dress.

This Institution  is blessed by Gandhiji . So, teachers must work with dedication, unity and involvement.

After that we all gathered before the statues of Gandhiji and our Founder for Floral tribute.

Prayer at Founder’s statue

The public meeting started at 3.00 P.M in our Auditorium. smt.Dr.VGeetha , Secretary talked  about the weapons of Gandhiji that is Ahimsa and sathyagraha.

Smt.P.LathaB.T.Asst talked about the life history of Mahatma Gandhiji. The Meeting came to an end with the National Anthem.

Teacher’s Day celebration – 05.09.2022

Teachers Day was celebrated on 5th September to commemorate the birth anniversary of Dr.Sarvapalli Radha Krishnan in our Ashram.The meeting started with the Prayer. Smt.J.Krishnadeepa B.T.Asst delivered a talk about Dr.Radha Krishnan.

Welcome address by our HM

Dr.SarvapalliRadha Krishnan was an Indian Philosopher.He served as the First vice President of India and second President of India.He also served as an Indian Ambassador to the soviet union. The Philosophy of the Upanishads, An Idealist view of Life, Mahatma Gandhiji, Philosophy of Tagore etc. were the works of Radhakrishnan. In his Lectures and books he tired to interpret Indian thoughts for foreign countries. She also talked about the values of good teacher. Any education institution could be best if the teachers work hard with dedication.

Special address by our English Teacher Smt.J.Krishna Deepa

Our Institution was established by one teacher Thondor ko. Ve founder of our Ashram. It was started to create good citizens for the society.we should be so proud to work  in this Institution and work hard for the betterment of the students as well as  the Institution.

The meeting came to and end with the National Anthem.

Vinayagar Chathurthi-31-08-2022

Vinayagar Chathurthi was celebrated on 31-8-2022 in our Ashram. A Special Pooja was conducted at 6.00 AM. Vinayagar Bhajan was conducted in our Auditorium at 9:00 AM. Smt. D.Kavitha PG Asst. delivered a talk about the Avathars of Vinayagar.


Vinayagar Pooja
Special Address by Smt.D.Kavitha


That is, kajana Avathar, Mahothkada Avathar and chinthamani Avathar. We can worship Vinayagar in simple ways. He is called ‘Muzhu Muthar Kadavul.” He came before Siva, Brahma and Vishnu. Parvathi Devi married Lord Shiva through the prayer of Vinayagar on Chathurthi Day. It is a very auspicious day. In North India Vinayagar is celebrated with his wives siddhi, Puddi Deviars. After the Pooja Prasadam was distributed to all the students and teachers.

Krishna Jayanthi – 18.08.2022

Krishna  Jayanthi was Celebrated On 18.08.2022 in our Auditorium at 3.30pm Sri.Kadambarasan and his Group sang many songs about Lord Krishna  Smt.G.Kanageswari B.T Asst. delivered  a talk about “LORD KRISHNA” Krishna is the god of love  tenderness  and  compassion. She  also talked about  the “Avathar of Lord Krishna”.


                                     Bhajan                                                    Special address by our Tamil Teacher  


Let us all worship lord Krishna for blessings.

Independence Day celebration – 15.08.2022

This Year we are celebrating 76th Independence day on 15.08.2022 Smt.Dr.V.Geetha, Secretary Gandhi Niketan Ashram Schools hoisted our National Flag at 8.30 A.M in Rajendra Prasad square. She talked that Independence and responsibility are the two sides of coin. Everyone must have the responsibility to keep the nation safe.

National flag hoisted by our School Secretary

Floral tribute at Gandhi Statue

After that we gathered in our Auditorium for  the public meeting. The meeting started with a prayer Dr.V.Geetha , secretary welcomed all. Selviprathiksha XII-A delivered on “Let’s protect freedom.”

 Sri.P.JansiRaja B.T.Asst, talked  about how Mohandas Karam Chand Gandhi became  Mahathma Gandhiji. Ahimsa and sathyagraha were his weapons to quit English people. Our Founder G.Venkatachalapathy was inspired by Gandhiji’s principles and he established our institution to  create the freedom fighters. 

Special address by our English Teacher Sri.P.Jansiraja

Dr.V.Ragupathi, Governing Body member delivered  the presidential address. He talked about the freedom fighters  of Tamil Nadu Bharathiar, Maruthu brothers, Rajaji, E.Ve.Ramasamy, Vaithianatha Iyer Thirupoorkumaran, Veerapandia Kattabomman took part in the freedom movements.

The leaders like Lokmania Thilagar, Aravindar, Anni Besant, Bagathsingh and Rajendra Prasad organised many freedom movements under the leadership of Gandhiji .

We must feel proud that we have erected pillar in the remembrance of freedom fighters who took part  in the freedom movement in and around T.Kallupatti. It was erected in the Silver Jubilee event of Independence.

 Sri.M.Nagarajan HM thanked all. The meeting came to an end with the National Anthem.

113th Birthday Celebrations of Our Founder And 83rdAnnual day -Celebrations of Our Ashram

                       In Connection With 113th Birthday celebrations of our founder of Gandhi  Niketan Ashram  Amarar G.Venkatachalapathy many Competitions in various activities were conducted.

Fifth day (30.07.2022) – Ashram Annual Day and founder’s birthday

Our Founder’s birthday, Our Ashram’s Annual Day was celebrated on 30.07.2022. The special Prayer was conducted at 6:00 AM in Gandhimandapam. In the prayer meeting our Ashram President Prof. Dr. R. Venkataswami Ayya delivered special message through Skype. In his talk he remembered the quote

The mediocre teacher tells;
The good teacher explains;
The Superior teacher demonstrates,
The Great Teacher inspires “

This institution was established by the great teacher G.Venkatachalapathy Ayya who inspires us. Our Ashram president Ayya told that the teachers should have the following qualities.
(1) Interest in Teaching
(2) Understanding the Concept.
(3) Tolerance
(4) Great Communicative Skill
(5) Great efforts.
(6) Determination and dedication towards the betterment of students.

    We have to work hard for the welfare of our students. That is the real tribute to our founder Thondar Ko. Ve.
       At 8.45 AM Dr. M. Karunakaran IAS, Special Secretary, Department of Rural Development and Panchayat Raj, Govt of Tamil Nadu hoisted our Ashram Flag at Rajendra Prasad square.

     At 9:00 AM. Namasangeerthanam was conducted by our our Gandhiniketan Ashram group. We paid a floral tribute at Founder’s samathi and Founder’s Statue and Gandhiji’s Statue.
    Annual day meeting Started at 10.15 AM with prayer in our Auditorium. Sri. N. Shanmuga Sundaram Secretary and Treasurer, GNA welcomed all. Smt. V. Geetha, Secretary, Gandhiniketan schools presented the Annual Report.



      Special address by Dr.M.Karunakaran IAS                           Release of E-Magazine

Dr. M. Karunakaran IAS delivered the presidential address. In his address he told us the purpose of life should be both personal and spiritual. One should focus on developing his skills in both personal and spiritual parts of life.

தோன்றின் புகழொடு தோன்றுக அஃதிலார்

தோன்றலின் தோன்றாமை நன்று.

Our Founder led a life according to it.

    Prof. R. Raja Govindasamy, Former Principal Thiyagarajan College, Madurai delivered Founder’s memorable Oration. Our Founder worked hard for the development by local Industries and indegenious technology. He told about Mark Twain’s “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer” and “The Adventurous of Huckle Berry Finn”.


Chief Guests were honoured

In these books Mark Twain dealt with all are equal in dignity and rights. In the Same way Our Founder G.Venkatachalapathy Ayya described equal in dignity and rights in his prayer song.

   Our Founder established this institution to learn and get multiple Intelligence.
1. spacial Intelligence – Visual and spacial judgment.
2. Bodily kinesthetic Intelligence – physical learning
3. Musical Intelligence – Rhythm and Music
4. Linguistic Intelligence – words, language and writing
5. Logical Mathematical Intelligence Analyzing problems and mathematical operations
6. Interpersonal Intelligence- understanding and relating to other people
7. Intra personal Intelligence – Introspection and self reflection
8. Naturalistic Intelligence – relationships to nature

    The above qualities are mentioned in the book “Frames of Mind” by Gardner. He quoted the Former finance minister C. Subramanian’s words.

Sufficiency to all;
Super fluidity to none.

This is the main principle of our founder G.Venkatachalapathy ayya also. We must follow the principles of our founder.
  Voice of Gandhi Niketan – e-magazine was released by our Governing body member Dr. V. Ragupathy.
    Dr. S. Aram, Governing Body member distributed prizes to the toppers of class X, XI and XII.
    OutStanding Student S. G. Yazh velan XII std was honoured with Gold medal offered by Ko.Ve. Trust.

    Sri. M. Nagarajan HM thanked all. The meeting came to an end with the national Anthem


Fourth  Day function 28.07.2022  – Cultural day

As a part of Our Anniversary, we celebrated the cultural festival on 28.07.2022 in our school auditorium. The cultural programmes were started with the prayer. Sri. M. Nagarajan HM welcomed the gatherings. Sri. S. Raghavan,  Dist. Educational officer Usilampatti presided over the function. In his talk he told that students  should show interest in curricular and co-curricular activities. They should voluntarily inform the  teachers  about their individual skills and participate in all the competitions whether they win or not.


                               Thappattam                                                                   Kolattam

The students of our primary school  performed the following  cultural items.

Bharatham, Group dance,  Oyillattam, Kolattam, Tamil drama etc..


                                      Bharatham                                                             Tamil drama

After the break the programmes of our higher secondary school began. Bharatham, kavadiattam, karaham, villupattu, Tamil drama, English drama, pyramid were also performed. Bharathiyar songs were sung.


                                     Villupattu                                                                     Pyramid                  

A large number of parents and all the students appreciated and enjoyed the programmes. Prizes were distributed to the winners in various competitions. Mementos  were also given to all the staff by the DEO, Usilampatti.

Third Day function 26.07.2022 – Village  Heritage  Sports

The Third  day competitions were conducted as Village heritage sports on 26.07.2022.

                   In the presence of our school secretary Smt.Dr.V.Geetha, Our Ashram Governing body member Dr.N.Ramanisekar, Dr.Kaliraj, BVSc. declared open the competitions.

Village Heritage sports

Thattangal, Kilithattu, Nondi, Pallankulli, Skipping were the games played

by the girls. Kabbadi, Pambaram, Kitti rolling Tyre were played by the boys.

   Breaking the balloon, Lemon with spoon, Frog race, Uppumoottai were played by primary school students. The boys and girls took part with enthusiasm in the heritage sports.

Second Day function 25.07.2022  Students  Literary Art Individual Talent And One Act Play Competition.

In Tamil literature Elocution, Essay writing, Drama and  Individual Talent competitions  were held on 25.07.2022. Many students participated Enthusiastically.

Essay writing


First Day  function 22.07.2022 – Exhibition Of Science Project

On-22nd July 2022 Science Exhibition was conducted under the president ship of Smt. V.Geetha Secretary Gandhiniketan  Schools. Sri.Krishnan, professor, Sowrastra College inaugurated the science Exhibition. In his inaugural address he told that we should create interest in science through the inventions.








Inauguration of Science Exhibition by Sri.Krishnan

Education Development Day – 15.07.2022

Every year we celebrated Kamarajar birthday as Education development Day. This year also the celebration started with a prayer at 9.30 am in auditorium. Sri.M.Nagarajan HM Welcomed all. Smt.S.Abirami PG Asst delivered  the special address  about  “Karma veerar Kamarajar”.




Special address by our English Teacher

Kamarajar was born on 15 th June 1903 in Virudhunagar. At the age of 16 he joined in Indian National congress Sri.Sathyamoorthi was his Political National Guru. He kept in touch with our founder G.Venkatachalapathy and Our Institution in village services.

Kamarajar established 17000 schools during his tenure as chief minister. He initiated mid-day meals scheme. He hated speaking ill of others. He had good leadership quality. He handled many problems in a simple way. No other political man is so simple as Kamarajar .

He understood the problems of people by reading newspaper in all over the state. He was liked by all the people because of his simplicity and easy approach.

Yoga Day-21.06.2022

International Day of Yoga was celebrated in our school on 21.06.2022. We started with the prayer. Sri.M.Nagarajan HM talked about the importance of yoga. It is a day to celebrate the Indian practice of yoga. This day awakens the importance of yoga. The idea of an International day to recognize and respect the practice of yoga was first made on 27th September 2014 by the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi at the UN General Assembly. It was he who proposed the date of this day as it falls in the summer solstice of the Northern Hemisphere. This day marks the beginning of the summer season and is also the longest day of the year.


Yogasanas performed by our students        

If we practice yoga often, We can boost up our energy level and maintain a healthy weight. The boys and girls assembled in separate grounds. Sri.Lakshmanakumar, Physical director gave commands to the boys and Smt.Srikumari Physical Education teacher gave commands to the girls.

The following asanas were performed by students.

  1. Surya Namaskar

Standing Asana

  1. Vajrasana
  2. Trikon Asana
  3. PathaHastasana

Sitting Asana

  1. Padmasana
  2. Yoga Muthra
  3. Patchimothasana
  4. Thadasana
  5. Komuga Asana

After the Asanas we sang National Anthem.

Ashram Founder sri G.Venkatachalapathy Ayya’s 53rd– Remembrance Day – 13.06.2022

53rd Remembrance Day was observed in our Gandhi Niketan Ashram on 13.06.2022. A Special Prayer was conducted at 6.00 Am in our Manimandabam. After the prayer Prof.Dr.R.Venkataswami Ayya President Gandhi Niketan Ashram delivered Remembrance Day Message.

 Morning special prayer at Manimandabam

Today is an important day to our Ashram. He asked the teachers to read the life history of Thondar Ko.Ve. He was the Role Model to the teachers. When he was in prison, he  met life sentence Prisoner Duth. Our founder asked Duth the reason for his (Duth) boldness. Duth replied that he got the quality of boldness from his teacher. On hearing these Duth’s words our founder wanted to become a teacher.

In 1930 he planned for the development of school and welfare of the students in Gopinayakkanpatti. Before Independence he introduced five years Plan. Our Institution was established by him. All the teachers must think for the betterment of the institution and the students. So, we should adhere the principles of our founder.

After that we Paid a floral tribute to our founder’s samathi and  founder’s statue and Gandhiji’s statue.

The Remembrance Day Meeting started at 3.00 pm in our Auditorium with Prayer. Smt.Dr.V.Geetha Secretary, Gandhi Niketan G.Venkatachalapathy Schools welcomed all. Dr.V.Ragupathi Governing body member deliverd the Presidential address. He told that our founder Ko.Ve Ayya was the true disciple of Gandhiji. when our Founder met Gandhiji, Our Founder gave knife, khadhi dress and spectacle frame to him. At that time Gandhiji told our Founder that wherever constructive works are done under his name there would be his (Gandhiji) blessings. Our Ashram is a blessed place because we have the statue of Gandhiji with his signature.

 Special address by Prof.Dr.Nagendran

Prof.Dr.Nagendran History Department, Vivekananda college, Thiruvedagam delivered the special address. He told that Gandhiji is the Father of our  Nation. Vivekanandar is the father of spirituality. Both the leaders lived without any desires of their own.

Where ever good activities done there we can think of Gandhiji. Gandhiji possessed the qualities truth fullness, honesty, cleanliness, forgiveness and purity. Everyone must do his/her duties perfectly without anybody’s Supervision. That is the act of gentleness. He explained the monkey dolls which was possessed by Gandhiji.

See no evil;

Hear  no evil;

Speak no evil;

Sri.M.Nagarajan HM thanked all. The Meeting came to an end with the National Anthem.

 Ashram Foundation Day-28.04.2022

Foundation day was celebrated in our Gandhiniketan Ashram on 28.04.2022. The special prayer was conducted at 6.00A.M. in Gandhimandapam. After the prayer our Ashram President Padmashri Prof.Dr.R.Venkataswami ayya delivered Message through online.

This day is a milestone in our Ashram history. Our Ashram was established for the betterment of the village children by our founder G.Venkatachalapathy Ayya. His motive was to develop the nation. He was patriotic teacher. He studies his teacher Training course at C.S.I. Institute Pasumalai. Lalbeer, a British man was his teacher. His teacher asked our Founder G.venkatachalapathy ayya why he wanted to become a teacher. He replied that he wanted to quit British people like him (Lalbeer) from the country. He was bold enough to say these words.



Special Prayer at Gandhimandabam
Special Message by our Ashram President

In 1930 our founder introduced 5 years plan. This plan was implemented by Ko.Ve. Ayya in Gopinayakkanpatti. It was appreciated by Mahatma Gandhiji in his Magazine “Harijan”.

Our Founder worked as a Headmaster for three years in Gopinayakkanpatti. At that time he invited many innovative methods in the school like Singing patriotic songs in prayers, Reading moral values from books, make the students participate in village service. He wrote “Kadhar Abivirithi” song in the remembrance of Gandhiji’s constructive plans. He made Gopinayakkanpatti as a model village. Our Ashram President asked the teachers to do their work with dedication like our Founder.

After that we paid a floral tribute at Founder’s samathi, Gandhiji’s statue and Founder’s Statue.

There was a Public meeting at 3.00 P.M. in our Auditorium. The meeting started with a prayer. Sri.N.Shanmugasundaram, Secretary, Gandhiniketan Ashram delivered the welcome address through online. Dr.V.Ragupathy, Governing Body Member, Gandhiniketan Ashram introduced the Chief Guest Smt.Kamatchi Swaminathan and honoured her. Smt.Kamatchi Swaminathan, National Vice President, Saskam, New Delhi and Director of Deemahi, Madurai, delivered Special address.


Welcome address by our Ashram Secretary Sri.N.Shanmugasundaram

Introduction talk by our Ashram Member Dr.V.Ragupathy
Chief Guest address by Smt.Kamatchi Swaminathan


In her address she told that this is a holy place. Because many great leaders have visited our Ashram. She asked the students to possess self-control, division making and stress free life. She explained to above qualities through stories. She asked the students to be more confident then only they will get success in their life.

Dr.V.Geetha Secretary of our School delivered vote of Thanks. The meeting came to an end with the National Anthem.

Gandhiji and J.C.Kumarappa’s Remembrance Day – 30.01.2022 Sarvodaya Day / Martyr’s Day

Gandhiji and J.C.Kumarappa’s Remembrance day was observed in our Ashram on 30.01.2022. A special prayer was conducted in Gandhi Mandabam at 6.00 A.M.



                                                                            Morning Special prayer at Gandhimandabam

After the prayer our Ashram President Prof.Dr.R.Venkataswami Ayya delivered special message through online. In his message he told that this day is the remembering day of what Gandhiji and Kumarappa have done for the society.

                Kumarappa stayed in our Ashram for 5years. Kumarappa was very bold. He was the true disciple of Gandhiji. He guided our Ashram for serving the society. We must learn the qualities of punctuality importance of prayer, planning the goal and truthfulness from these great leaders.

Special message by our President Ayya
Special address by our Ashram Member Dr.V.Ragupathy

After that Ashram Governing body member Dr.V.Regupathi delivered a message. He told that Kumarappa stayed in our Ashram from 1954 to 1960. He had in touch with our Ashram since 1944. He led a life like “Rishi”. He considered our Ashram As “Seva Gram”. Because of Kumarappaji’s great effort we have Gandhiji’s statue in our Ashram. After the death of Kumarappa his ash was brought and kept in our Ashram. The souls of the great leaders are still in our Ashram.

Floral offering to Kumarappa samathi
Floral offering to Gandhiji Statue

After that we paid floral tribute to Gandhiji’s statue and Kumarappa’s samathi.

Siramdhan – 29.01.2022



Our staff members are cleaning our campus area

Republic Day -26.01.2022

We celebrated 73rd Republic day on 26.01.2022 on our Gandhiniketan Ashram. Our secretary Smt.Dr.V.Geetha hoisted the National flag at Rejendra Prasad square she talked about the importance of the Republic day. Our Ashram is a great place. When Rajendra Prasad was the president of India, he came here to meet J.C.Kumarappaji, our founder G.Venkatachalapathy ayy and visited the constructive plans of our Ashram. She also talked about Gandhiji’s “Poorna swarajyam and Panchayat Raj”.


National Fag hoisting and special address by our School Secretary

                                                                                                                                                        After that we all gathered in our Auditorium at 9.00 AM in our Auditorium fort the meeting. The meeting started with the prayer. Smt.Dr.V.Geetha welcomed all.

Dr.K.Palani Durai, Rtd.Prof. Gandhigram Rural University delivered the special address in his address he told us we must be good citizen by ourselves. According to Nelson Mandela we struggled a lot to get freedom . We have to struggle continuously to protect that freedom.

Welcome address by our Secretary
Presidential address by our Ashram President through online


Special Address by our Ashram Member Dr.G.Palanidurai through online
Vote of thanks by Our Hr Sec school HM

                                                                              If we want to be good citizens we must be generous and responsible. We must be responsible in all our activities like behavior, attitude, class room management, Toilet usage environment cleaning etc.

In village we have the problem of deficiency in nutrition and Anemia. In town we come across obesity. This situation is the example for irresponsibility of our health maintenance. Good teachers have the ability to create good citizens. Teachers must give importance to the feelings of the poor and development of the villages. Every Village must fulfill the needs of their own.

Ashram founder G.venkatachalapathy ayya established Ashram to create good citizens. Teachers must keep this in mind and work with dedication. Sri.M.Nagarajan HM thanked all. The meeting came to an end with the National Anthem.

Mattupongal – 15.01.2022

We celebrated Mattu Pongal in our Ashram Dairy farm. Before celebrate our dairy farm building wall renovated, white washed and decorated for the festival. All the Cattle were washed well and decorated with flowers, sandal and kumkum.


Pongal was prepared in the dairy farm after prayer pongal and sugarcane were distributed to the teachers students and cattle. Our Ashram President participate through online, our school Secretary, HM and staff members participated in this festival.

Pongal Kolam Competition – 13.01.2022



Dr.J.C.Kumarappa’s 130th Birth Anniversary – 04.01.2022

Dr.J.C.Kumarappa’s 130th Birth Anniversary was celebrated in our Gandhiniketan Ashram on 04.01.2022. The special prayer was conducted at 6.00 AM in our Gandhimandapam. After the prayer our Ashram president Prof.Dr.R.Venkataswami Ayya delivered the special message through online.




Morning Special prayer at Gandhimandabam

Special Message by our President ayya

In his message he told that Kumarappa was the true discipline of Gandhiji. Kumarappa was very intelligent and bold. His soul was filled with Gandhiji. He was a true Christian and a patriotic leader also.

O.P.Ramasamy Reddiar, Former Chief Minister formed a committee to improve the village economics under the leadership of Kumarappa. Our founder G.Venkatachalapathy Ayya was the Secretary for this committee. Dr.J.C.Kumarappa pointed out the mistakes who ever made it. Many great leaders like Vinobaji, Dr.Rajendra Prasath and Sri.Jayaprakash Narayanan had visited our Ashram when Kumarappa was here. Our Ashram is considered to be a sacred place. With Kumarappa’s great effort our founder placed Gandhian statue in our Ashram.

Our Ashram president Prof.R.Venkataswami Ayya had a chance to serve Kumarappa when he was admitted in Rajiv Gandhi hospital Chennai.


Bajan at santhivan

After that we all gathered at Shanthivanam at 8.45 A.M. namasangeerthanam was conducted by our Ashram group. We paid a floral tribute in Kumarappa’s samathi and founder’s  Samathi.


Floral offering

Then we all gathered at Auditorium at 9.30A.M for the meeting. Our Secretary Smt.Dr.V.Geetha welcomed all.


Welcome address by our secretary

Our governing body member Dr.V.Ragupathy delivered special address. In his address he described the noble qualities of kumarappa like hard work, doing Regular prayer, service to the needy saving and simplicity. Kumarappa studied CA(charted Accountant) in England and he studied M A Economics in Colombia University London. Where P.R.Ambethkar studied. After that Kumarappa made research on “Public Service”. He conducted that government should take responsibility for poverty in the society. He submitted this report to Mahatma Gandhiji.

Dr.j.C.Kumarappa was in prison for 4 years At that time he wrote the famous book. “Economy of Permanance”.  From 1947 to 1954 kumarappa stayed in Seva gram-Mahan Vadi Ashram. He considered our Gandhiniketan Ashram as Seva gram.

In 1956 Rajendra Prasath, president of India came to  our Ashram to meet Kumarappa and opened the Gandhiji’s statue. At that time Sri.Kamarajar, Sri.Bakthavavatchalam were also present here. We have the photo copy of this rare scene in our Gandhimandapam.

Special address by our Ashram Member Dr.V.Ragupathy
Vote of thanks by our Hr Sec School HM

                                                                            Kumarappa planned his cottage and stayed here. His memorial is also here. He died on 30th January – the day Gandhiji died. Our founder G.Venkatachalapathy Ayya brought Kumarappa’s ash and constructed this memorial. We also all blessed to be here in this Ashram.
Sri.M.Nagarajan HM thanked all. The meeting came to an end with the National Anthem.